What comes to mind to see students parade in their numbers to exhibit trading activities in the school, where its labelled ‘serious academic business’ or has the school turned into a market place? Certainly rare, as students of Ogun State Institute of Technology, Igbesa were recently seen to organise itContinue Reading

Having been announced by the school management that students who haven’t paid 60% of their school fees will not be allowed to write the CBT, many students seem to be uncomfortable with this as the economy isn’t favorable enough for their parents to fulfill this obligation. However, the SUG viceContinue Reading

HND2 student complain about the proposed day for their examination pleading that the school management needs to give them more time to study considering their final examination which may drop their cgpa. ­ The examination which is to commence 30th September, they request for physical revision of two weeks orContinue Reading

The student Union government of OGITECH celebrates the Eid Festival with all Muslims brothers and sisters of the institution. In a broadcast made by the President; Come. Eniola Ogunleye, it reads: STUDENT UNION GOVERNMENT OGUN STATE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY IGBESA Eid 2020: Our Victory is Near As the glorious monthContinue Reading

A broadcast has been circulating the media as regard a ritual (Oro) taking place in Igbesa on the 18th and 19th of February, 2020. However, the SUG President; Comr. Ogunleye Eniola by his investigation has confirmed that this is just a rumour. All necessary investigations has been made and thereContinue Reading

Ogun State Institute of Technology Enterpreneur (OGITECHEED) Igbesa, appreciates the governor Governor, Prince Dr. Dapo Abiodun FMR for his meritorious achievement within few days in office. The governor has always aim to support and challenge the leadership team to fulfil the school founding vision: reaching potential, inspiring, creativity and engagingContinue Reading

The press release dated October 15th 2019 by the Association of mass communication students was sent to us for publication. See content below: PRESS RELEASE ALUTARIAN WELCOME TO ALL FRESHERS The Association of mass communication students welcomes all the fresher’s, most especially the department of mass communication to Ogun stateContinue Reading

Lately, the whole media has been boiling as students shares a rumour that the school fees has been increased. However, information reached us this morning that the SUG President; Ogunleye Eniola through the PRO; Taieo Daniel has made some clarifications where students seem to get it wrong and apparently shareContinue Reading