Interview: untold secrets of disqualified OGITECH SU Aspirants

Following the social media rants, communiques and ascribed “vawulence” on the disqualified students by the DSS, we pressed further by staging an online interview with Hon Morakinyo Kayode, an Honourable Representative of Business Administration Department on the 30th of August, 2022.

Mr. Morakinyo while chatting with representative of OGITECH Amebo in the online interview revealed some untold stories as to why there were disqualifications and what is bound to happen if not corrected.

Ogitech Amebo: Good afternoon honorable sir. I’m relating to you as Ogitech Amebo. Rumour has it that some persons were disqualified for reasons unknown to the students. Please can you tell us in details who were disqualified and why?


Good afternoon sir.

Concerning the disqualification.. the Aspirants in question are on the black list of DSS.

In one way or the other they have involved in malicious act and damaging the image of the Institutions.. One of them, which I know once faced the school Panel for doing conspiracies threat on a student. Using the name of the school DSA and it was published in Sahara report news and other professional news.

Another person also involved in vandalism act in front of school gate. And as we all know that DSS do have record of students that face panel from school and during their Intel duty.

SUECO may not be aware of this, but the DSS is aware.. If they were screened out on some of this basis. Why crying for injustice.

For the SUG president, he didn’t act as a leader. He went on an assignment representing the Student Union without notifying the SPC and now claiming Election can not hold based on disqualification from DSS And the ongoing NANS Election that is yet to be conducted.

He’s there dinning with other stake holders collect money for their own interests and writing Communique from there. A good leader stay with his people.. if he didn’t go and wait to witness DSS screening he won’t be sending those communique from afar.

Concerning the Speaker. He’s my contender for the race of Speakership. After he emerged we have sat and discuss way forward. I am Honorable member but represent a multitude.

Concerning his Communique, I am unaware and he didn’t consult the house. He drop it and I called him, he didn’t pick call.

SUECO are trying thier best and partisans are making things tough for them.

I pray we don’t go back to SRC era while the SUG PRESIDENT is enjoying the dividend and effort of the past leader’s bringing SUG back to OGITECH in ABUJA.

I am inclusive in the Governance and many things goes wrong in the absence of opposition in the house. I’m the minority leader of the SPC that have a say.

Ogitech Amebo: Moving on, is the list of that disqualified persons made public or anonymous cos seeing the broadcast messages and even your explanations, you seem to make these names undisclosed.

Also, how many members were disqualified and are they all from the same group? – this question is coming as a result of a message shared by Soaga, one of the aspirants of SU President.

Morakinyo: The group can be called caucus, it is a political gathering coming together to achieve same goals, willing to serve. The defaulted person is among the group and not all members of the group were disqualified but those involved in the record.

The Presidential Aspirant is pained because it’s coming from their group. The door to DSS office Ota is opened to all.. The issues is now like the popular saying. “Go and verify”
We are all political gladiator and intellectual.

I may be silent but when I speak, I speak on fact and on the information that is concrete.

Ogitech Amebo: Hmm.. so, are you saying this disqualification or screening wasn’t influenced by the SUECO?

Morakinyo: Yeah! Go and verify. The SUECO CHAIRMAN is a neutral body. He didn’t belong to any forum

Ogitech Amebo: You made mention of one of the disqualified persons being engaged in threatening a student using the DSA’s image. Just to be clear, is this the case of one Olatoye Clement Damilola that was reportedly threatened through a purported voice of Mr. Odutola as published by Sahara reporters on June 24th-25th, 2020?

Morakinyo: Yes! Nemesis or karma’s falls back.

Ogitech Amebo: Amazing. Lastly, what do you think might be the end game seeing that the manifesto and/or election had been put on hold?

Morakinyo: To me, I trust the Finalist.. we understand that POWER of the Institutions belong to Governing Councils and not a Rector or the present school coordinator..

If Election can’t hold, Nothing should change the Academic calendar and the proposed Exam date. The finalist want to go.. second semester exam been prolonged will cause another version or saga from finalist. We all witness the past SUG delay.

SRC can be proposed and it will damage the efforts of the past leader’s that revived OGITECH SU.

Ogitech Amebo: Awesome. Well, it’s been a great time Hon. Morakinyo. Do have a good day ahead and thank you for your time.