Following the social media rants, communiques and ascribed “vawulence” on the disqualified students by the DSS, we pressed further by staging an online interview with Hon Morakinyo Kayode, an Honourable Representative of Business Administration Department on the 30th of August, 2022. Mr. Morakinyo while chatting with representative of OGITECH AmeboContinue Reading

CONGRATULATIONS OGITITE!! You are not yet a leader until you could deliver a potential leader—- As a student of our great and dear Institute (OGITECH). I had keenly observed, noticed and finally discovered that Ogun State Institute Of Technology Igbesa had produced so many leaders that are doing great outsideContinue Reading

An OGITITE who happened to be speaker of the Association of Mass Communication Students (AMACOS); Rt.Hon Afolabi Emmanuel has put to writing an open letter to the government of Ogun state. This he made public by submitting to us for publication. The letter reads; Your Excellency sir, I will likeContinue Reading

seminar conducted over the Internet (WHATSAPP). THEME; °Is the Nigerian government really justifying the role and purposes of a DEMOCRATIC system? °May 29,democracy day! Is there democracy in government dealings with Nigerian students? first speaker; Commr. Jonathan Oladimeji, pka Emperor dtwo. (former AMACOS ogitech chapter president, former national campus writerContinue Reading

By Funmi Ajumobi & Elizabeth Uwandu As Nigeria continues to grapple with challenges in the education sector such as funding, lack of infrastructure, poor standard and what people call unfit curriculum, among others, Dr Dolapo Ogunbawo, an educationist with over 40 years experience, says, until Nigeria addresses the quality ofContinue Reading

By Olalekan Bilesanmi Senator Saidu Dansadau is a front line politician. One of his strongest points is integrity. Rather than go with the crowd because of pecuniary gain, Dansadau would rather stay alone. Senator Dansadau His rejection of a brand new car gift offered him by then Governor Ahmed SaniContinue Reading

“Ogitech reaped me off probably because It knows I’ve got no other choices but Ogitech… More like cajoling me around.” This is Adebowale; a Mechanical Engineering student of OGITECH pouring out his mind with a pen. “More like mtn which gives Free data and take away their network. Isn’t theContinue Reading