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Event: Face of GLP 2021

Great Lyncon Photography has unleashed the much anticipated event on campus – Face of GLP 2021.

Beauty pageants such as this one is one of the much-anticipated events in Nigeria Campuses to encourage Nigeria students to become more in touch with the social life and culture in campus. Face of GLP, The pageant is not your conventional beauty pageant; rather, it emphasizes grace, self-assurance, confidence, originality, intelligence, and talent.

Face of GLP provides an opportunity for the youths of different tribes and gender to come together, provides a platform for young ladies to showcase their beauty. This type of program profoundly encourages the social life of OGITECH students, youths in Igbesa, and in Nigeria.

Aside the social recognition, the event is set to recognize participants with cash prizes and sponsorship

Face of GLP flier

Registration for the amazing opportunity is jus Two thousand Naira, #2,000. To register, CLICK HERE

Wetin dey inside OGITECH with Sammy

Having been announced by the school management that students who haven’t paid 60% of their school fees will not be allowed to write the CBT, many students seem to be uncomfortable with this as the economy isn’t favorable enough for their parents to fulfill this obligation.

However, the SUG vice president; Taiwo Hassan (TBest), via the social media pleads on behalf of the students that the School management should allow students do their CBT regardless of payment and that strict measures can be taken during exam period.

Students are therefore advised to take the CBT seriously, obey all regulations and put in their best as this is as important as their examination.

…… Listen to full news by Sammy

Wetin dey inside OGITECH is a report of happenings in OGITECh reported by Sammy on OGITECH Amebo blog – updates on gossips, trends, gists, news are shared as it drops. Stay connected to our social media.

OGITITES Protests over student loss, highlights demands

Tuesday 3rd November, 2020 report of an ND1 student; Yusuf Malik popularly known as Omotty who lost his life over a reckless ride by a motorcyclist was sent to us. Report says; Yusuf just finished his exams when the incident happened in front of the school. It’s been circulated by eye witnesses that there was negligence on the part of school’s clinic staff stating that yusuf was rushed to the school clinic, but was being asked of some payment receipts instead of being attended to immediately.
However, the sad occurrence angered the students hence embarked on a peaceful protest. The students had taken it upon themselves to demand what is due and should long be demanded for through this protest. They are in no doubt things that should be available in a higher institution and in the community at large.

To mention few of the demands are;

  • Provision of functional, equipped and advanced health care system
  • Compensation to the deceased family
  • Scrapping of some fees and consideration on others
  • Creation of parking space outside the school gate and provision of school shuttle.

In a broadcast on whatsapp, the list seem unending and ridiculous but definitely the dream educational environment/system an average student wished for.

Different bodies and media had taken interest in the incident not leaving behind the Alumni of the Institution. Various people expressed their grievances over poor condition of the school clinic, negligence of the health staff in the school and the community at large.

The student Union Government in a broadcast also extended her condolence but yet to give response on the action taken to stop this in future and to the student’s demand.

Aluta Gyration – Lake of Justice

For the love of struggle and unionism these gallant comrades have put together a gyration to boost the morale of all OGITITEs

Download Here

Comr. Adebola Adedeji PKA (Aluta Doctor) the NANS Director of Program to the Deputy Cordinator Southwest (Zone D) a student of Ogun State Institute of Technology, Igbesa teamed with Comr. Abdullahi Adedotun Olalekan PKA Rvee Dot Oshatiri Skimpete (Aluta Melody) the Student Union Social Director II of the same Institute to produce a melodious Aluta gyration tune titled LAKE OF JUSTICE

Click here to download. Don’t miss out!

Viva Aluta!!!


National Association of Nigerian Students Southwest Zone (NANS ZONE D) is the umbrella and the apex students decision making body for all Students studying in South West Geopolitical Zone of the country invites all progressive Nigerian Students in the zone and beyond to a 3-DAY ONLINE SYMPOSIUM.

There is no gain saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the course of our lives as individuals and students. Physical academic activities had been placed on an indefinite hold for months throughout the country. The adverse effects of the pandemic outbreak is felt in every aspect of our lives.

It therefore becomes imperative for us all to begin on the path of recovery as no one sees the end of the health war. We must find a way to live and survive with the virus.

As parts of proactive measures to sensitize and educate students on how to manage the pandemic situation while forging ahead with our academic and other life pursuits in general, the leadership of the most ideological Zone of NANS has organise the carefully packaged and intense online symposium for her members across all institutions within and beyond the Southwest Zone.

The 3-days symposium Themed;
”COVID-19 AND THE NIGERIAN EDUCATION SECTOR” has been slated to hold between 25th and 27th of July, 2020.
Below are Sub-Themes to be taken

Day 1:


Click here to join

Day 2:


Click here to join

Day 3:


Click here to join

Distinguished speakers to special session includes

  • Mr. Agboola Habib
    Dean, Student Affairs and Senior
    Department of Health Promotion and
    Ogun State College of Health
    Technology, Ilese-Ijebu, Ogun State.
  • Mrs. Mayokun Akporterabor
    Strategic HR Consultant/Media
  • Comrade Kappo Olawale Samuel
    NANS South West Zone.

The Symposium shall be held on various students WhatsApp groups across the Zone to ensure ease of attendance.

The link to join the platform for the program will be made public a day to the said date.

It promises to be educative, informative and refreshing experience.

Until all are Freed,
All remain Slaves.


Just in: media deletes accusation video, Sowore apologized

You will recall that a viral video claiming that Mr. Odutola threatened a student was posted by Sahara TV on youtube and twitter. This gained a lot of popularity within a short period and possibly gotten to the parties involved; Sowore inclusive. Click here to read about the post

OGITITE expressed their concerns in various ways to debunk the claim, all departmental presidents including the SUG sent various broadcast messages to clear the air. Well, report reaching us now confirmed that the video had been deleted from Sahara TV’s youtube page and twitter page.

Furthermore, Omoyele Sowore on his twitter handle apologized to the Accountancy department lecturer. He said; “Earlier today I reposted an audio recording reportedly of OGITECH Dean of Student’s Affairs, Odutola, threatening a student with rustication, the affected student just reached out claiming he was phone-pranked by his colleagues. Accordingly, I’ve deleted the tweet! I tender my unreserved apology(ies) to Mr. Odutola for the inconvenience my posting might have caused him.”

We sincerely hope this will slide and hasn’t caused enough damage as it should.

MR. Odutola falsely accused of threat, students react

This morning, July 25th 2020; a viral video was shared on Sahara TV’s Youtube page accusing The School’s Dean of Student Affairs Mr. Odutola of threatening to rusticate one Olatoye Clement Damilola; a student of SLT Department. The video has really gotten a trend on twitter as people tend to condemn the Accountancy department lecturer.

However, this turns out to be false and a complete defamation of character. By our investigation, the voice doesn’t in any way relate to the Characters’ in real life. We’ve also noticed that the character in the audio makes use words like; yeah, uhm etc . which the accused doesn’t or rarely say in real life.

Listen to audio below

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Ogun Technology Institute, Dean Of Student’s Affairs, Odutola, Accuses #TakeItBack Campus Coordinator Of Cultism, Threatens To Rusticate Him Over Opposition To Management’s Anti-student Policies And Relationship With Sowore

Students who knows the Lecturer have come out to confirm that the accused is innocent and can never in any way be found in a position like this.

In as much as we in a large extent represent the students interest, we will never promote any form of immorality hence debunks the claim submitted to Sahara TV

Ogitech Amebo.

Hacked school website retrieved

Just yesterday 27th May, 2020 it was reported that the school website was hacked by one acclaimed “Dayounghaxor” which caused panic and fear among students via the social media as some made mockery of the school’s website security system.

The School’s ICT department were definately not going to let this last long hence made everything possible to retrieve the website. We are glad to inform you that the school website is back.

Though there’s yet to be any information as regards who hacked the system or the hacker being caught. But by our personal speculation (subject to review); the hacker seem to have done this on other websites going by his profile on Facebook – Ola Ayibami (Dayounghaxor).

Different reasons for the malicious practice had been expressed by intellects on the media a user with the name Oluwatosin Oladipo on a WhatsApp group; OGITECH CHAT ROOM said;

“A Computer Hacker Can Be Traced
When a Trojan or a virus hits a PC, we get to know about its presence from the malfunctioning of the machine. But knowing just that is not sufficient. We need to know how it got there and most importantly who put it there. By finding the attacker in the same way that a victim is discovered, one can have a broader view of the picture and establish the steps that are required to be taken against an attacker.”

“By keeping patience in hunting clues the most persistent hacker can be found and stopped.”

We are once again certain that the School will find the hacker being a School of Technology driven with sustainability. Stay connected