Tapz pro, OGITECH Dance Celeb makes wave in Dance battle at Jos

TapzPro, the founder of the OGITECH Dance hub whom together with his team have won several dance challenges and have made the school proud through dance is at it again as he extends his wins to another state. The young, promising dancer currently serving in Jos, Plateau State had made a remarkable name for himself and OGITECH at large, being the winner of the HIP-HOP section in the just concluded Independence day dance battle. This took place on 1st October, 2023 at Jos, Plateau State.

The competition embodies participants from different states with sponsorship from notable brands. Tapz Pro expressed his joy by appreciating his newly made friends and of course his home team at OGITECH Dance hub. Tapz who happened to be the founder of OGITECH Dance Hub had been making wave in OGITECH from inception, he also made OGITECH proud during a competition at his NYSC camp in Mangu, Plateau State. His legacy continued as OGITECH dance hub keeps the winning spirit by winning the best dance crew award in the just concluded Ogitech Awards.

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  1. Am so happy for tapz pro
    Thanks for making us proud

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