OGITECH AMEBO is the first and most popular student blog in OGITECH providing you latest breaking news, gists and gossips, event updates and music promotions. We’ve been known for some Amebo in the school with references and has been the only media where students are allowed to report any news/gossip (PS: Read our disclaimer)

The blog started July, 2016 by a then Accountancy student who felt there was no proper student media in the school – along side with a facebook group of less than 10 members which has now increased to more than 9,000 members (including Alumni, stalites, prospects and staff). The blog has been nominated twice (2018 and 2019) for students media platform by the School’s most popular/recognized award event – OGITECH AWARDS (OGA) but won in 2019.

Students media platform of the year presented to OGITECH AMEBO (rep: Omoba) photo credit: great Lyncon photography

OGITECH AMEBO has been known for promoting students positively and getting information closer to them. In our bid to promoting students, the blog helps in advertising student businesses on all media and to reach a wider audience. TO ADVERTISE CLICK HERE