OGITECH Alumni set up UK branch, announce omotosho segun as chairman

OGITECH Alumni Association have seen the need to set up an alumni branch in the United Kingdom (UK). Going by the number of OGITECH students that relocated to UK, the association thought of creating a branch that can attend to OGITITES in diaspora and selected Omotosho Segun (A.K.A Snow) as the chairman.

This was announced in a bulletin shared by the association’s General Secretary – Ayeni Tosin, on August 2nd 2023.

The bulletin reads:

“We are glad to inform our colleagues that after a series of consultations, we would appreciate the setting up of an alumni branch in the United Kingdom (UK) due to the large numbers of our members currently residing/schooling there.”

“This is to help facilitate/reawaken the bonds of our members in the United Kingdom(UK) and to foster growth among our members currently within the UK.”

“In order to achieve this, we are glad to announce MR Omotosho Segun (aka S N O W) as the branch chairman and he is expected to set up his team members to lead the branch.”

“Furthermore, it is also important to note that the United Kingdom(UK) is not the only country where we have a large population of our graduates but the need to set up one was brought forward by our members there.”

“Also, we are using this medium to reach out to our members in other countries with a sizeable number to reach out to the association executive, on how to achieve the birth of their branch so as to Foster the relationship of our members in the country.”

“Lastly, on behalf of the general member of this noble house, I congratulate MR Segun Omotosho and wish him well in the task ahead “