The School’s most recognized entrepreneurship club in a broadcast message announced that they are set to organize their very first workshop and will be making it FREE for all students. The workshop is expected to create opportunity for all students to learn Tye and Dye, Shoe making, Pastries, Bracelets, LiquidContinue Reading

As received from Comr. Omoba: “Late yesterday first semester results earlier released by the management arose a lot of concerns, outcry, and bewail among students on campus which give most students on campus a lot of concerns and reasons to be sad and worry.” “So many students felt disappointed, Sad,Continue Reading

What comes to mind to see students parade in their numbers to exhibit trading activities in the school, where its labelled ‘serious academic business’ or has the school turned into a market place? Certainly rare, as students of Ogun State Institute of Technology, Igbesa were recently seen to organise itContinue Reading