Jubilation in OGITECH as Soaga emerge next SUG President

There had been tension as to who will be the next president of OGITECH Students Union Government since the re-announcement of the Election which eventually hold today 15th September, 2022. The election started at early hours of the morning, students were seen coming out in numbers while security personnel takes their respective positions.

At the end of vote casting, all social platforms started buzzing with students wanting to know who the winners would be. After all said and done, Amebo gathered that Comarde Micheal Soaga of (Egbè Èlèýìn) popularly ascribed as “Emilokan of OGITECH” emerged top on the list with 277 votes as against Comrade Ezekiel Ojo (Omoba) of Revitalization with 231 votes and Comrade Adedotun Abudullai (Rveedot) of Avalanche Of Immaculate Vision with 208 votes. This indeed is a significant one especially for the Mass Communication department.

While Congratulatory messages are still flying in, Muna who happened to be the running mate of Soaga also emerged winner in the Vice President category with a total of 291 votes as against FA with 238 votes and Danite with 180 votes.

We await the official announcement from the Students Union Electoral Committee (SUECO). More details later.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS to the SUG PRESIDENT, he sure deserves it.

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