SUG: Students to take CBT without payment

Good news reaching us now is a broadcast informing all OGITECH students that the CBT can now be written without payment. This, the SUG made public on the 4th day of January, 2020 and further urges the students to pay their outstanding as at when due.

The broadcast reads;

Ogun State Institute of Technology Igbesa

Powerful greetings to all ogitite,
This is to inform the entire students of this great citadel that the student union government (SUG), departmental presidents and indigenous heads had pleaded on the school management that all students should be allowed to write their CBT without any payment attached

We also want to use this medium to strictly inform all ND2 and HND2 students to pay up their school fees on or before the end of this month. As this is going to be the criteria for the first semester examination.

Please, there shouldn’t be any reason for excuse.

NOTE: Come along with your SUG reciept to the CBT hall.

Thank you all for your usual cooperation.


Announced by:
(pka GOLD)

Aluta continua Victoria…….

UPDATE; SUG responds over Bikers brutality in Igbesa, affirms Justice

Just yesterday; 8th January, 2019 a broadcast of how the Student Union Speaker; Rt. Hon. Bankole Marleeq was assaulted by Okada riders in Igbesa went viral over the media and has given rise to trembling questions by the students of OGITECH to the Management, the Student Union Government and Igbesa Community as a whole.

However, The Student Union Government through the President; Comr. Ogunleye Eniola (P.K.A. Ennycipation) has come out to give update on the steps taken so far as regards the incident and it all sounds like a dependable progress and answers to questions asked by the students.

Our correspondence asked what step the Student Union has taken so far as regard the said issue, he said; “I sincerely appreciate the concern of all OGITITEs and past comrades. Trust, me, we are not relenting on the issue, we have communicated all the necessary persons and the offenders will not go unpunished.”

Giving reply to a random social media comment that the SUG are taking this serious because the said victim is a comrade, Eniola said; “We are taking all necessary steps not just because it’s an Executive that got affected but because an OGITECH student is. An injury to one is an injury to all.”

“The student Union will also urge the students not to take violent steps as regards this as it may complicate matters – we will definitely get to the favorable end of this by God’s grace.”

SUG debunks school fees increment rumour

Lately, the whole media has been boiling as students shares a rumour that the school fees has been increased.

However, information reached us this morning that the SUG President; Ogunleye Eniola through the PRO; Taieo Daniel has made some clarifications where students seem to get it wrong and apparently share false information.

Eniola writes;



To those of US clamouring about increment in school fees of returning students, there is nothing of such because the amount remain the same. The difference we see there is as a result of reduction in the charges of the payment gateway from 5% to 4.5% according to the calculation at the meeting with Rector yesterday.

Similarly, Tbanks Set entered HND with the sum of #47,500 as school fees and #30,000 as obligatory fee for their first year, and they finished with #47,500 as school fees and #26,400 as obligatory fee for their second year, (If you notice there was a reduction of #4,000 in the obligatory fee).

Take note of this. The principle been practiced by all higher institution in southwest is that, the amount student should in their first year when coming in should be the same as the amount they will pay in their final year or even less, but shouldn’t be increased.

Going by that principle, the present ND2 paid #50,265 as school fees and #25,000 as obligatory in their first year, while they are now to pay #49,765 as school fees and #22,500 as obligatory fee for their second year respectively.
While the present HND2 paid #50,265 as school fees and #35,000 as obligatory fee in their first year, and they are now to pay #49,765 as school fee and #26,400 as obligatory fee for their second year.

When you read all these analysis carefully, you will notice that there isn’t any increment, you are only paying what you paid when you came in, or even less, but not above.

Please, lets take our time to digest these analysis and not mislead the student populace. The student union remain firm and resolute to the welfarism and agitations of OGITECH STUDENTS.

Thank you.



DSA officer threatened me; Aluta Doctor

Please be aware that this is a user submitted post to OGITECH AMEBO and does not reflect the intention/opinion of any author of OGITECH AMEBO blog.

As submitted by Adebola Adedeji, popularly known as Alutadoctor

Greatest Nigerian Students!!!
Ever dynamic Nigerian Student!!!

I, Comr. Rf Naossite Adebola Adedeji, a.k.a Aluta Doctor want to bring to the notice of all the students of our great citadel of learning about the threats laid to me by MR. ADEDAPO ADEDOTUN ( the Students’ Affairs officer of OGITECH).

Martin Luther King Jr said and I quote: “Every injustice to fundamental human rights should be eradicated through proper justice and struggle.”

With regards to the injustice that is about to be played by the students’ Affairs Directorate, our question is; Are we running a Students Union Government or student management government?

The Students’ Affairs Directorate is trying to make decisions for all students in their favor. It is not too good that an officer in the office of the DSA threatened me with my studentship and result, all because we seek justice without violence.

How can the Students’ Affairs Directorate, turn a meeting called with less than 24hrs notice with the intending SUG honourables to a visitation to the DSS when it was known that a considerable number of them are not around in Igbesa. This is not only bad but seen as a recipe for injustice at the long run. The type of which was meted to me during the Union Election.

I have also been accused of “bringing the name of the Institute to disrepute by my statement and actions in and outside the school”.
Nothing can be father than the truth. Or when does seeking justice without violence but robust intellectual engagement amount to bringing the name of my institution to disrepute?
Let me say without been immodest that I am a proud student of OGITECH and I shall raise the flag high any day any time.
Even my Agenda during my campaign sojourn speaks volume. “OGITECH AGENDA” is what we canvassed all through.

My plea on behalf of the student is that Engr. Doctor Mrs. olufunke akinkurolere, our Rector and mother should prevail on the Directorate of Students’ Affairs to let the student chose their leaders freely without any involvement. All we seek is a level playing ground for leadership development which should also be a part of our intellectual and educational development.

I without doubt believe in the leadership of our RECTOR that she doesn’t tolerate injustice.

John Mason said and I quote: “a great leadership is by laying down a legacy others will follow. By this note I want to drop my 🖊

I remain my humble self Comr. Adebola Adedeji aka Aluta Doctor.

God bless Ogitech!!!
God bless Ogun State!!!
God bless Nigeria!!!

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As submitted to our user submitted post section by Fajimi Olakunle Michael on 31st July, 2019

Greatest Nigeria student!!!! Ever rugged, vibrant, brilliant and dynamic nigeria student!!!!I COMR. RF .NAOSSITE ADEBOLA ADEDEJI 👉🏻 ALUTA DOCTORWant to use this medium to celebrate our leaders, mentor, comrades, cedars inthe Field of struggle ,who gallantly and vibrantly stood by us in the days of struggle ,I say may your efforts never be in futility .

I will start my appreciation from comr. RF adetunji emmanul pka emmizypro the chairman to all departmental president, also the stailency of ogitech comr.rf naossite ayinde sobuur , aare ogun comr. Bankyb comr. Beekay ogitech 003 , comr. Brown napas 001 my gratitude also toComr. LMT ( aare eko )Comr. Adedeji ( aare kwara )Comr. ola ( aare osun)Comr. Malik. ( Amacos 001 )Comr. Almusty ( engineering 001)Comr. Michael ( nacoss 001 )Comr. Rf naossite alhaji Don KingComr. DevibesAnd comr.naossite akeem ak zobo nans jcc treasurer ,my appreciation to all powerful comrades I could not mention here who have labor in the field of struggle in ogitech …ALUTA DOCTOR SAYS ALUTA CONTINUA!!!VICTORIA E . CERTA !!!!

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SUG Election – What actually happened

Disclaimer: This is a submitted post to OGITECHAMEBO and doesn’t reflect the opinion of the blog or her authors.

As submitted by a student who pleaded to be anonymous


It is very sadden and unfortunate that at this moment when we should be focusing and getting prepared for the forth coming 2nd semester examination which starts on Monday 15th of July, some so called comrades are busy rallying students around to protest for the annulment and rerun of the just concluded OGITECH SUG ELECTION.

Let it be on record, that the just concluded SUG election which was held yesterday, is the best and most free and fair election any OGITECH SUECO had ever conducted. This success is credited to the effort of distinguished and noble Comr. ADELEKE QUDUS (the SUECO chairman) who in my opinion, deserves an award of excellence.

Now to the matter at hand. In response to a news in circulation, condemning and bastardizing the effort of the SUECO by tagging it with different fallacies, to the best of my knowledge, it is an untrue cooked up fairy tale. The election was peaceful, until some unscrupulous irresponsible elements came into the school with the aim of sabotaging the process. Reports shows, that they (i.e ALUTA DOCTOR team) hired external hoodlums to come and scatter the process if the election is not in their favour. However, they were unable to achieve this goal which was why they resolved to violence thereafter.

About the issue of not allowing some students cast their votes, this is what happened.

Before the election proper, it was announced that the school I.D card would be the criteria for the election, but that decision was later changed due to the fact that, the election managers had observed that their is tension from both sides of the major contenders.

Which was why the school had to derive another plan, school fees and other approved payments were used to generate the list of qualified and eligible voters. With this method, there are so many students across all levels and every departments who were affected and were not eligible to vote. Its not as if it affected one side and favoured the other, it affected everyone.
On this note I would like to tell my fellow OGITITES that we should focus and channel our energy into reading and preparing for the forthcoming exam rather than allowing hoodlums mislead us for their own selfishness.

God bless OGITECH, God bless You all…

SUG impediment election

Report has it that; Over 500 students were decline to exercise their franchise recently during Ogun state institute of technology, Igbesa (OGITECH) student Union government (SUG) election due to insufficient ballot papers and student pending payment record

From the department of Science Laboratory Technology about 150 students were not allowed to vote as well as over 300 student in mass communication department. Some due to insufficient ballot papers while some their names were not found in the school payment record book

According to discussion among mass communication students while they express their depression it was assumed that lecturers of other department hate them because they know majority are for Comrade Rf Adedeji Ademola also known as Aluta doctor who was also aspiring for the post of a president.

“Posterity will judge” said a social media ranter. Besides he emphasized that the election was not fair enough even without election Aluta doctor would win.

Considering how much they budget there should not be anything like insufficient ballot papers. Simultaneously the election was said to annual and they are against corruption but support integrity, fairness in all its form.

Well, everywhere seem to be boiling as students expresses their mind on the media (facebook and whatsapp groups) even to the extent of proposing a peaceful protest.

“We reject the Election result With passion and if care is not taking, Ogitech will go back to where there were, as non SUG institute. I Comr. Moses (Gentlesoul) say so, Mark my word – that’s just a tip of what’s happening on the media.


After the first ever Student Union Government Election in OGITECH which gained more ground in OGITECH; the 2019/2020 SUG Election seem to likely break a record as it has also been the talk of the School and its environs.

Lately, various campaigns had been going on majorly for the two aspirants of the SUG President; Adedeji Adebola (Aka. Aluta Doctor) and Ogunleye Eniola (Aka. Ennycipation) which had almost caused rivalry among their supporters – The two groups have decided to make judicious use of the media of which some supporters finds suitable to tackle each other. It has even birthed the use of propagandas and controllable threats.

However, based on the manifesto held today 10th July, 2019 for the proposed election, the two aspirants really showed their recognition in the school via their supporters.

Though Aluta Doctor seem to have all the media support to him but it is also important to note that Ennycipation won the crowd support in the manifesto today see video

Considering the reactions of few students during the Manifesto, the election is likely to be a very “tight” one. “Students have decided to support Aluta Doctor because he is more experienced” – Kehinde an ND 1 student said after which Tunde, HND 2 also proclaimed that “Aluta Doctor already have the support of the School of Business and Management studies (SBMS) – the most populated faculty in the School.

“Ennycipation has always been and will forever be a loyal person ready to serve his people” a student from SLT affirmed. A student who pleaded to be anonymous even said “Aluta Doctor that cannot treat himself, is that one doctor?” – LOL

We can only hope for the right person to be in the right position after the students exercises their voting rights tomorrow 11th July, 2019.

We will also urge the students (aspirants and supporters) to VOTE and not FIGHT as the management is watching #wink.

What every youth needs to know about being in a Relationship and Situationship

Situationship does not really mean you are in a sexual relationship

Situationship is having someone you call your boyfriend or girlfriend, someone you hang out with, hold hands and sometimes there’s intimacy.  In situationship only your friends know you have a boyfriend, in a case whereby your parents are involved you introduce your boyfriend to them as your friend. Most girls mistake situationship for relationship.

According to Mrs Temitope Awosile Onyemenem, a student adviser she said “The duration of how a guy and his girlfriend stay together depends on the girl”. There will surely be issues but every lady needs to learn the word PATIENCE.

Men will always be men, they will go in search of girls, they all want to have  SIDE CHICK. In this aspect all want they want is situationship, they want to hangout while their wife take care of the kids at home. To the single guys, its the lady/woman who decides if its situationship she wants or relationship.

The difference between being in a situationship and relationship is that; in situationship you give the guy your mind. In relationship you give your partner your heart.

Now the question is why

Reason why you give a guy your mind in situationship is to prevent them from breaking your heart. Before  a guy finally tells you ” it is over” he already broke up with you long time ago, by then you must noticed this ATTITUDE you make use of your sense organ (eyes nose, ear, tongue and skin) its either you make amendment before he finally breaks the news or you move on after the breakup

Situationship most times leads to relationship. Relationship means “I have known him, I’m okay with his attitude and I’m ready to accept him for who he is”.  Then you can give your partner your heart because you are planning towards  a successful marriage .

Does a cheating partner means that the relationship is  over?

Reformation forum: Leadership and Unionism

Leadership was the major talk of the day as Mr Sogbanmu kehinde Oladipupo Tajudeen sensitize the youths to their roles in development of the nation at the 2019 conference of Ogun state institutes of technology (OGITECH) Reformation forum.

He made it clear that in his research “Youth” have no generally accepted definition as he made reference to Martin Luther King Junior in the sense that its all starts with having a dream Connection is built on unionism and that is what we call a nation

There is no way we talk about Nigeria without talking about past leaders despites their mistakes. Also, no way you talk about Reformation forum without making mention of Comrade Emmanuel Arogunjo former SRC chairman and Comrade Tosin Ayeni who through their sweat and agitation brought unionism into existence in OGITECH with the aim of restoring what is not in its place in the campus.

Ta lo n se wa? Said kehinde made it clear that it is not about our country, its the youth lacking knowledge about the nation. Youths should make their importance known to our leaders not just carrying weapons and sharp objects in the name of riots

There is a clear difference between been intelligent and been a leader. If you refuse to leave the particular space you ought to exit you will never move forward. You will only keep parabulating in as much as violence will not do any good as a leader

Leaders of tomorrow, what leadership trait do you have? Is today’s dream coming into future?