There had been tension as to who will be the next president of OGITECH Students Union Government since the re-announcement of the Election which eventually hold today 15th September, 2022. The election started at early hours of the morning, students were seen coming out in numbers while security personnel takesContinue Reading

Following the social media rants, communiques and ascribed “vawulence” on the disqualified students by the DSS, we pressed further by staging an online interview with Hon Morakinyo Kayode, an Honourable Representative of Business Administration Department on the 30th of August, 2022. Mr. Morakinyo while chatting with representative of OGITECH AmeboContinue Reading

Lately, the whole media has been boiling as students shares a rumour that the school fees has been increased. However, information reached us this morning that the SUG President; Ogunleye Eniola through the PRO; Taieo Daniel has made some clarifications where students seem to get it wrong and apparently shareContinue Reading

Please be aware that this is a user submitted post to OGITECH AMEBO and does not reflect the intention/opinion of any author of OGITECH AMEBO blog. As submitted by Adebola Adedeji, popularly known as Alutadoctor A THREAT TO JUSTICE : EDITED Greatest Nigerian Students!!! Ever dynamic Nigerian Student!!! I, Comr.Continue Reading