The Students Union Government (SUG) of Ogun State Institute of Technology, have yet again set a new pace today 9th Janbuary, 2023. The office of the President, Comr. Michael Olalekan Soaga announced the launch of the Student Union website.

This was announced through a broadcast message via social media where the president welcomes the students back to school. The message further announced the launch of a new website which is projected to serve as a database for students and an online payment system for Student Union dues.

The broadcast reads:



A happy and prosperous new year to all students, staff and Alumni of our prestigious institution.

I also use this medium to wish all students and staff happy resumption. It is a pleasant year we have ahead, let us enjoy it in peace and unity. We urge all students to please adhere to the rules and regulations guiding the Institution, be law abiding students and also be security conscious at all times.

It also pleases me to use this medium to announce a landmark achievement in the Students Union. The students union hereby announce the launch of her website ogitechsug.com.ng.
It is no news any longer that Technology solves the problem of the world and proffer solutions to the problems of the world, therefore we are proud to announce that in the collection of union funds, no SUG officer is permitted to collect cash anymore, all funds are to be paid online through the website, all students are mandated to register with the students union by logging on to ogitechsug.com.ng and if a student wants to make payment he or she should proceed to the payment screen. After which they proceed to the Treasurer/Fin Sec who would verify their payment and issue the students union receipt for them. Students who have paid already have nothing to fear as their receipt is proof of payment, however they are to proceed to the website and register as a member of the union.
N.B: All Students are to proceed to register with the students union.

Happy resumption and enjoy the era of Technology in Ogitech Students Union government.


E – Signed ✍️
Comr. SOAGA, Michael Olalekan
SUG President

E – Signed ✍️
Comr. Hassan Hammed Opeyemi
SUG General Secretary

Announced 🔊
Comr. Amosu Sedowhe Emmanuel