Vawulence as OGITECH SU suspends electoral activities over disqualified members

Today 30th August, 2022 was supposed to be the day for “Greatest gbagba, gbogbo, atikulate shawon and shiwon” in the Students Union Electioral activities of OGITECH, we are referring to the always supportive Manifesto, but was unfortunately suspended as broadcast messages and communique starts flying the media as to why election should be put on hold.

It started with the current Students Union President; Comrade Usman Azeez( AKOGUN) first commending the Students Union Electoral Comittee (SUECO) and pleading that all aspirants be allowed to go to the field and test their popularity even after some were disqualified by the DSS. The disqualified aspirants are: Afolabi Stephen olasunkanmi (stigga). Treasurer, Ibrahim anifowoshe boluwatife ( welfare director1) Fagbemi kehinde D (Honorable Member).

excerpt from his communique; “I Comr. Usman Azeez, the Union President of our great citadel of learning wishes to commend the Electoral Committee (SUECO) 2022 led by Mr. Afolabi Sodiq on the job well done on the election processes and also commend the efforts of our lovely Dean of Student Affairs for the fatherly role played so far.”

“With all sense of responsibility and in the interest of peace, transparency, fairness, and a just electioneering process, I hereby plead that all aspirants be allowed to go to the field to test their popularity.”

“It is also pertinent at this point to state that the NANS National convention is witnessing delay wish makes it impossible for all Union Presidents to leave Abuja. If this continues despite all efforts that is been put in place, then any local election shall also be put on hold as “No local election is allowed to take place while the National convention is ongoing”.

While the students were still trying to gather the words, another communique came from the office of the speaker; RT. Hon Moses Tayo categorically telling the SUECO that all electoral activities must be on hold till further notice.

In his words; “Having received a communiqué from the office of the Student Union President, in person of Comr. Azeez (Akogun), signalling the pause to all Student Union Electoral Commission’s activities.
It is so denounced, that the Student Union Electoral Commission (SUECO), has been carrying out some activities that put the Student Union Constitution in futile.”

One of the presidential aspirants; MICHAEL OLALEKAN SOAGA has however summarized the whole saga as “Injustice in broad day light”

Soaga type plenty things oooo, in order to see the velocity of the vawulence; this was his message:

We live in a world where injustice can be perpetrated in broad day light and the world celebrate it.
We were met with a strange list released by the Students Union Electoral Committee (SUECO) involving names of Aspirants to participate in the coming union Election. Notable absentees in that list include, Afolabi Stephen Olasukanmi, one the Aspirant for the office of the treasurer, Anifowoshe Ibrahim an aspirant for the Welfare director 1.

This is pure injustice from the SUECO to Students of this Institution, this is a means of depriving Students of their basic franchise of being voted for, you eliminated these names from your list and ask them to go to the DSS for reasons, are we Students of the DSS?
You (SUECO) owes us an explanation as to why some of our brothers was deprived of the right to contest in this election.
You deprive a candidate from participating in an election without stating clear reasons, that is not wise.

Runaround news correspondent reported the case as “disqualified”, this is a wrong adjective, as my brothers weren’t disqualified they were simply omitted from the released list without proper documentation of reasons. This is a purported and planned gimmicks against my campaign movement as all Aspirant omitted are believers and supporters in my candidacy. This injustice is an injustice done to our great union.

“An injury to one is an injury to all.” I can’t standby and watch injustice, I frown at injustice. I hereby call on the Students Parliamentary Council (SPC) to swing into action and protect the right of these right thinking men. According to the Students Union Constitution, Section 67, page 35 clearly state that the Electoral Committee;
“Shall screen all Aspirant and have the power to clear or reject candidature of any aspirant, this shall be subjected to the decision of the SPC.”
According to this and from the findings I gathered no sitting by the SPC was carried out over the issue and I know the SPC isn’t aware of this development, therefore I must state categorically that the SUECO Committee has acted against Students right and the SPC needs to use it’s powers to check properly the excesses of the SUECO.

Not forgetting the message of Hon Morakinyo Kayode, an Honourable Representative of Business Administration Department, he said: “The Election propaganda from the propagandist is a norm from the Aspirants and all partisans.”

“The SUECO of this era, has been trying thier best to make a free and Fair Electoral process and it is an eyesore.”

“The Aspirants disqualified from the DSS are found wanting in one way or the other that warrants disqualification.”

“The DSS is open for questioning on what basis those Aspirants were disqualified.”

“The DSS process is part of the Election screening process from the Genesis of OGITECH Election for Student’s Union Leader.”

Questions begin to spring forth, students request for more fueling of the social media vawulence; so we pressed further by staging an online interview with Hon. Morakinyo, Click to read interview