Nomination for OGA 2023 begins, see categories

The organizers of the OGITECH Awards 6.0 announced in a broadcast message that the nomination for the 2023 award event begins today 27th April, 2023.

Archive from OGITECH Awards 5.0

There seem to be more recognition of outstanding persons in this year’s event as the award categories increased to 65 as against the previous 54 award categories. However, students can nominate themselves for more than 1 categories but HND1 and ND1 can only nominate themselves for Next rated student male/female and Rookie of the year. See list of categories below:

Most popular male/female
Online media personality male/female
Most fashionable male/female
Best student artist
Best student DJ
Best student dancer on campus
Socialite of the year male/female
Campus shakers and movers
Most sophisticated
Academic staff of the year ( students choice)
Non academic staff of the year ( students choice)
Best dressed academic staff
Best dressed non academic staff
Most participating alumni
Next rated artist
Most intelligent male/female
Entrepreneur of the year
Best couple
Most handsome
Most beautiful
Best clique male/female
Most influential male/female
Student madiba
Student photographer
Student journalist male/female
Student media platform
Student activist
Students sportsman
Most versatile male/female
Student organization of the year
Student model male/female
Most creative student male/female
Best use of social media male/female
Best HOC
Most expensive male/female
Small, sharp and smart
Fast rising artist
Campus writer
Best peot on campus
Best rap artist
Best MC
Charismatic leader
Best graphics designer
Most fashionable lecturer male/female (students choice)
Best comedian
Student blog site
Most photogenic male/female
Most sought after male/female
Best hostel
Big,bold and beautiful
Next rated student ND1/HND1
Rookie of the year ND1/HND1
Best departmental president
Political Icon of the year
Hypeman of the year
Ebony of the year
Dance group of the year
Best editor on campus
Most outstanding
Humanitarian of the year
Host of the year
Social Media influencer
Political icon of the year
Baby of the year

To nominate, simply CLICK HERE and fill the form

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