Following the change in the School’s calendar, the organizers of Ogitech Awards 2022 have come out to announce a change in the date of the upcoming award event, which was earlier slated for 17th September, 2022. Earlier, banners and flyers have been going around carrying the previous date as theContinue Reading

Finally, voting poll for the Ogitech Awards, 2022 has been released. Following a broadcast message by the committee on the 17th August, 2022 which reads: “Hello Ogitite we are please to announce that voting has officially began at 12:00pmHow to vote; click on the link ,then click HERE to registerContinue Reading

The committee of the Ogitech Awards, 2022 has announced that self nomination has ended and will stop receiving payment for nomination. This was made known on stop to 8th August, 2022 following a mass dissemination of broadcast messages on the media. Nomination for over 50 categories was made public onContinue Reading

The preparation for the School’s most anticipated event; Ogitech Awards (OGA), 2022 is in proper order seeing the efforts of the committee. On the 8th August, 2022, the committee chaired by Anyanwu Festus along side Jubril Muiz (Vice Chairman),Abayomi Husain (Logistic Manager) and Lateef Ridwan (General Planning/Publicity ) extended theirContinue Reading

On the 18th of July, 2022, the organizers of the OGITECH Awards 5.0 published link for nomination in the forthcoming award event. There are 54 award categories in total – see list below: Most popular male/femaleOnline media personality male/femaleMost fashionable male/femaleBest student artistBest student DJBest student dancer on campusSocialite ofContinue Reading

The faces behind the School’s most anticipated award event; OGITECH Awards (OGA) 5.0 has finally been released in proper preparation of the event for the year 2022. No doubt, the organizers for the event had been carefully selected. In no particular order, See their profiles below; Anyanwu Festus – ChairmanNickname:Continue Reading

The Outstanding Person Award (OPA) held on 4th August was truly an outstanding one as many awares were dished out to students and staff. Below is a list of all the awardees as compiled by the organizers Most Handsome – Edmund Maxwell Most Beautiful – Taiwo Olamide Most Intelligent (Male)-AdegbiteContinue Reading

This year’s edition of the campus most anticipated event has been postponed.According to one of the OGA/MISS OGITECH organizers; the event which was formerly slated for Saturday 29th June, 2019 is now to hold on the 3rd day of August, 2019. The postponement is not for any reason aside fromContinue Reading

Situationship does not really mean you are in a sexual relationship Situationship is having someone you call your boyfriend or girlfriend, someone you hang out with, hold hands and sometimes there’s intimacy.  In situationship only your friends know you have a boyfriend, in a case whereby your parents are involvedContinue Reading