Reformation forum: Leadership and Unionism

Leadership was the major talk of the day as Mr Sogbanmu kehinde Oladipupo Tajudeen sensitize the youths to their roles in development of the nation at the 2019 conference of Ogun state institutes of technology (OGITECH) Reformation forum.

He made it clear that in his research “Youth” have no generally accepted definition as he made reference to Martin Luther King Junior in the sense that its all starts with having a dream Connection is built on unionism and that is what we call a nation

There is no way we talk about Nigeria without talking about past leaders despites their mistakes. Also, no way you talk about Reformation forum without making mention of Comrade Emmanuel Arogunjo former SRC chairman and Comrade Tosin Ayeni who through their sweat and agitation brought unionism into existence in OGITECH with the aim of restoring what is not in its place in the campus.

Ta lo n se wa? Said kehinde made it clear that it is not about our country, its the youth lacking knowledge about the nation. Youths should make their importance known to our leaders not just carrying weapons and sharp objects in the name of riots

There is a clear difference between been intelligent and been a leader. If you refuse to leave the particular space you ought to exit you will never move forward. You will only keep parabulating in as much as violence will not do any good as a leader

Leaders of tomorrow, what leadership trait do you have? Is today’s dream coming into future?