Reformation forum: Building social cohesion

The 2019 conference organised by Ogun state institute of technology (OGITECH) Reformation forum was a success as Comrade Oladimeji Jonathan enlightened students on roles of youth in nation building in relation to Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola and democracy at Carpenter hall, Igbesa.

Reformation is a forum where youths are encouraged and educated on full facts concerning Aluta which means “struggle “.  He made reference to OGITECH as a reformation where students are been taught to  struggle just as its being said ” Aluta continues ” STRUGGLE CONTINUES.

It is seen that all citizens are to be involved in developing a nation. Thus, encouraging all citizens in building social cohesion, economic prosperity and political stability in a nation in a exclusive and Democratic way

MKO Abiola, the presumed winner of the election was said to be generous and tried to eliminate poverty all his life. He died in detention in 1998 on the day he was due to be released from incarceration under suspicious circumstance shortly after the death of general Abacha. It was stated that he died of natural course

“Till date Nigeria has not recorded any free fair, legible and accountable election such as 1993 election” said Jonathan as he emphasize on June 12 as a day to remember Chief MKO Abiola as well as other democracy martyrs

He said keeping someone does not mean you are generously okay as a leader. Leadership is not funfair or creating names for yourself but creating life that is better than yours for others
As a leader, what are you fighting for?