The preparation fire of the school’s most recognized award event for graduating students and outstanding persons is seriously burning. Just recently it was published that students should be in anticipation for the event and this birthed some questions by the “freshers” on our social platforms. However, the organizers of theContinue Reading

Situationship does not really mean you are in a sexual relationship Situationship is having someone you call your boyfriend or girlfriend, someone you hang out with, hold hands and sometimes there’s intimacy.  In situationship only your friends know you have a boyfriend, in a case whereby your parents are involvedContinue Reading

The 2019 conference organised by Ogun state institute of technology (OGITECH) Reformation forum was a success as Comrade Oladimeji Jonathan enlightened students on roles of youth in nation building in relation to Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola and democracy at Carpenter hall, Igbesa. Reformation is a forum where youths areContinue Reading