What every youth needs to know about being in a Relationship and Situationship

Situationship does not really mean you are in a sexual relationship

Situationship is having someone you call your boyfriend or girlfriend, someone you hang out with, hold hands and sometimes there’s intimacy.  In situationship only your friends know you have a boyfriend, in a case whereby your parents are involved you introduce your boyfriend to them as your friend. Most girls mistake situationship for relationship.

According to Mrs Temitope Awosile Onyemenem, a student adviser she said “The duration of how a guy and his girlfriend stay together depends on the girl”. There will surely be issues but every lady needs to learn the word PATIENCE.

Men will always be men, they will go in search of girls, they all want to have  SIDE CHICK. In this aspect all want they want is situationship, they want to hangout while their wife take care of the kids at home. To the single guys, its the lady/woman who decides if its situationship she wants or relationship.

The difference between being in a situationship and relationship is that; in situationship you give the guy your mind. In relationship you give your partner your heart.

Now the question is why

Reason why you give a guy your mind in situationship is to prevent them from breaking your heart. Before  a guy finally tells you ” it is over” he already broke up with you long time ago, by then you must noticed this ATTITUDE you make use of your sense organ (eyes nose, ear, tongue and skin) its either you make amendment before he finally breaks the news or you move on after the breakup

Situationship most times leads to relationship. Relationship means “I have known him, I’m okay with his attitude and I’m ready to accept him for who he is”.  Then you can give your partner your heart because you are planning towards  a successful marriage .

Does a cheating partner means that the relationship is  over?