Updated: OGITECH Student Alleged for sexually harassing fellow student

Checking our user submitted post portal on the 8th July, 2023, A female student who pleaded to be anonymous have reported one Charles Odunjo over sexual harassment and threats for refusing his sexual advances. CHARLES ODUNJO PKA CHARLEYBIO007, a HND 2 student of Environmental biology in Ogun State Institute of Technology (OGITECH), Igbesa has threatened a fellow student in a whatsapp conversation to “demonstrate his full potential” if she will not lay with him.

We reached out to the victim who narrated in tears that “Charles has been making advances to her for some time but she refused”. However, Charles happened to be one of those students whom lecturers trusts to assist them in marking scripts of students in lower levels, he then decided to use this as a bait to woo the victim. In the chat shared by the anonymous, Charles boldly told the girl to come sleep at his place, she refused and he said; “I know where to catch you” “Me and you will have issue” “To pass in that department, I will show you if you don’t do my own”. These are in no doubt threats to a harmless girl. (See part of the chat screenshots shared to us below)

Efforts to reach out to Odunjo proved abortive as our correspondence found out that the story as narrated by the victim may be true considering the fact that there was no good or positive feedback from students that were asked about the studentship of Charles on campus. We are doing our best to escalate the matter to the management and most importantly to the Police.

More details later…