Charles face disciplinary committee over Sexual harassments allegations

Recall that one Charles Odunjo (AKA Charleyboi007), HND 2 student of Environmental Biology was reported to have threatened and sexually harassed a fellow student. This was captured in a WhatsApp conversation between the duo and other tangible evidences sent to AMEBO Headquarters (#wink). The case was investigated by our team and the culprit was found guilty.

Eforts to reach Charles proved abortive until late hours of Saturday 8th June, 2023 when one of our correspondence eventually got through to him via WhatsApp. These allegations were again read to Charles but he denied and claimed that “All are lies and games played to spoil his name”. When told that there are tangible evidences against him, he stopped giving us an audience. See screen shot of chat below:

This made us press further and take the matter to another level as the relatives of the victim had expreseed their displeasure and decided to come down to the school. We reported the case to the school with the evidences within our reach. The school being an Institution that frowns against any form of indiscipline and cases related to sexual harassments took up the matter; Charles and the Victim were invited by the School’s Disciplinary Committee for questioning together with the victim’s relative. Disciplinary actions were further taken on Charles and he was warned, as any further negative report of him will cost him his studentship. He however apologized for his actions,signed an undertaking and promised to be of good behaviour.

Sexual harassment is a very serious offence in OGITECH and we urge affected students to gather tangible evidences and report to the appropriate quarters. Anonymous report can also be done on our user submitted post portal