Help Save Ifeoluwa from complicated cataract

We have all gone to school to be a better person, to build our desired career and/or to produce generation of responsible people – we never planned for any sickness/disease of all sort; not even headache but we just find ourselves facing life challenges. As you are at the verge of solving one, another is getting ready to spring up. Ifeoluwa doesn’t plan/pray for this to happen to her which why we need to help her restore her health.

PHEBE IFEOLUWA is an ND 1 student of Ogun State Institute of Technology (OGITECH), Igbesa, department of Science Laboratory Technician (SLR). She has been diagnosed with complicated cataract and retina detachment on both eyes which is almost leading to blindness.

Despite being place on drugs and eyedrop, the doctor have advised she undergo surgery VITRECTOMY + SILICON/PHACO + IOL.

A sum of 2.5 MILLION NAIRA is needed to help Ifeoluwa undergo these surgery, help her regain her sight so she can go back to school to live the life she had planned for herself.

No donation is too small to help PHEBE IFEOLUWA get proper medication. So far, less than Five hundred Thousand Naira had been realized from family savings and donations (Source: An audio conversation between Ifeoluwa’s sibling and former SRC Chairman, OGITECH – Arogunjo Emmanuel (Airma))

Please forward all donations to:
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 2123927057

Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean.
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