Student call for SUG intervention concerning black out in students hostel area.

A business Admin student by name,
Comr. Hon. Morakinyo kayode Olasunkanmi PKA (Mko,Ayinla).
Is calling on the attention of the Student Union Government (SUG), OGITECH Chapter concerning the recent blackout experienced in Igbesa students hostel area.

He wrote in an open letter;
“I hereby seek the intervenation of the SUG to the ongoing Scarcity of electricity power within Hostel around China, Obanla close to 3weeks students within that Area are on blackout Due to defaulted Transformer as presummed,
There is a well-known pattern of actions related to electricity supply problems and resulting student unrest in public institutions and it is this:
• Lack of electricity supply provokes serious disruption of activities on hostels, including reading and research. Students become angry.
the CDC’s and CDA’s are yet to notify students reasons for black out and resolution to it within the Area and many students mostly freshers have paid for the Electricity they are yet to consumed Advance payment, i urge the SUG to Intervene with the LandLord Asociations,CDA’s and CDC’s of Obanla,China and other affected Area’s, students welfarism within Campus and off Campus Hostels should be paramount. • The absence of electricity leads to lack of water in hostels, causing health and hygiene risks. Tension mounts.
• The authorities are unable to find proactive solutions to these problems.
• There are spontaneous protests and disruption of activities in the administrative wing of the institution.
• One consequence is ‘illiterate.
School is yet to build Hostels on Campus…

A’luta Continuaaa…