OGITECH SU: Soaga debunks rumour, challenge Torch magazine to carry on with debate

It looks like the aspirants aren’t happy with the debate earlier scheduled to take place on the 24th August by Torch Magazine – at least a presidential aspirant by name Michael Olalekan Soaga also known as Emilokan of OGITECH have come out in an open letter to say The Show must go on!

Soaga in his open letter pours out his mind on the suspension of the debate, why he wants it to be held and also debunks rumours circulating that he would have been exposed to the questions owing to his relationship with the media in general. The letter reads:



Why the Torch magazine must continue in its Presidential debate plan

First I must appreciate the efforts and consistency of the editorial members of the torch magazine, you have set out to make history and may History never forget you.

As a media person, I understand the need of the media in the contemporary world, it is so important that generations unborn would need to rely solely on it and it is important that we utilise it’s power here in Ogitech.

One of the roles of the media is ensuring that democracy is upheld, that the masses choose right and rightly and one of the ways of doing that is subjecting candidates to rigourous questioning to help voters make a credible decision and this can only be done through debate.

The torch magazine set out to make history in Ogitech but I was disappointed upon the suspension of the debate which had attracted Interest from people around the globe. However research made shows that rumours have it that I as a candidate would have been exposed to the questions owing to my relationship with the media in general, this is seen as one of the underlying reasons for the suspension, I must debunk this, as media men like myself are proffessionals, proffessionals who understands the ethics and etiquette of the job and with this, I could never and can never be exposed to the questions. As supporters and people of like minds we must understand this and trust the proffessionalism of the media men.

About the position of other reasons given for the suspension of the show, I’ll remind ‘The torch magazine’ of their constitutional rights as media men, the constitution of OGITECH Students Union has it stated clearly that ‘The Press’ has the right to organise a Presidential debate for Aspirants. Therefore the show must go on!

Some might say there was already a Presidential debate organized by Press club today, however we could have more than 3 debates, it’s just a way presenting all candidates to the public and rigourously questioning them to elicit information and allow the masses to judge afterwards, I for one don’t mind to have more debates, because I wish that this election be given the widest media publicity and the Torch magazine are the right tool to do just that.

As an aspirant my Open Message to the editors of The Torch magazine is THE SHOW MUST GO ON.
I Michael Olalekan Soaga (Emilokan of OGITECH) would gladly attend the debate.
I enjoin my supporters as well as my fellow contestants to support the Torch magazine and let us together portray Ogitech in a positive light.

C.C: OGITECH Press Club
C.C: Citiedgetv
C.C: Inside Ogitech

Michael Olalekan Soaga (Emilokan)
SU Presidential Aspirant