Updated: OGITECH Alumni inaugurated in the constitution of governing council of the school

Since the establishment of the OGITECH Alumni Association in June 20th 2022, there had been tremendous developments from the Board of Trustees with Mr. Sholotan Kazeem J. being the President.

The Association however is to be inaugurated in the constitution of the governing council of the institution along side members appointed by the Governor (Prince Dapo Abiodun) with other schools in Ogun State.

OGITECH Alumni members and Excos

This was made public in a special bulletin shared by the Board of Trustees on 25th August, 2022 whic reads:

Fellow Colleagues,

In accordance to the edict establishing the Institute which requires that the alumni be included in the constitution of the Governing Council when constituted provides a great sense of involvement and recognition of Alumni as a critical stakeholder of all Institutions.

In view of the above, the executive of Our great Alumni body was requested to provide a representative through a phone conversation with a short space of One (1) hour on the 18th August, 2022, which was later followed up with a retrospective request by the Institute Management on the 20th August, 2022.

Following the short notice, the executive met to discuss and agreed on a nominee (Sholotan Kazeem J.) to meet up the short notice.

Furtherance to the edict, the Institute also elected three (3) Congregational members among staff members and two (2) Academic Board members representing the institute as well as a Representative from the Host Community.

In addition to the above number, the Six (6) man members appointed by the Executive Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun (MFR) and other representatives from the Ministry of Education and Finance will be inaugurated today Thursday 25th August, 2022 at the Cultural Centre Abeokuta as widely publicized.

Other Institutes whose Governing Councils will be inaugurated today alongside OGITECH are OOU, TAISUED, MAPOLY, SAAPADE, ITORO, ILESE & IJEBU-IGBO.

The involvement of the alumni in the constitution of Governing Council of our alma mata is as a result of Our Collective Sacrifices and Selfless Contributions towards its establishment. In view of this, the executive wishes to congratulate everyone for the success recorded thus far and wishes to seek for more support and cooperation in cementing our foot.

Thank you all.

Sholotan Kazeem J.
Ag. President

Ayeni Tosin
Ag. General Secretary

Egwuoku Azuka
Ag. Fin Sec/PRO

The inauguration which according to the Board was an impromptu one but unavoidable. OGITECH was well represented by Mr. Fatoki, Mr. Ganiu Adegbite, Mrs. Kasali, Mr. Kazeem Sholotan and Arch. Olalekan Ogini Ebenezer who formed members of the board and other members of the Alumni. See photos below

Mr. Fatoki, Mr. Ganiu Adegbite, Mrs. Kasali, Mr. Kazeem Sholotan and Arch. Olalekan Ogini Ebenezer