Tapzpro and his team set to tell “bandana” story through dance

Tapzpro and his dance team have again set a new standard by incorporating dance into acting a short movie titled bandana coined from the popular music; Bandana by Joeboy .The dance portrays creativity at its peak seeing different talents and professionals contributing their quota to make sure it’s a reality.

TapzPro, the founder of the OGITECH Dance hub whom together with his team have won several dance challenges and have made the school proud through dance emphasized that; “The dance is to showcase our talents and also advertise the school to the world.”

The Short movie is about a talented boy who’s Passion for dancing is strong but his parents disapproves him each time he try to take a lead, rain causes and compare him to his siblings..

He cried and look at himself in the mirror, instead of seeing himself 🥺 with the terrible face hmm

Boy seeing is bright future looking at him back smiling🥰

25 years time he became successful and went back to his root and they gave him a royal welcome

Video dropping soon

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