Greensprings Celebrates 34 Years of Redefining Education in Africa

By Dayo Adesulu

Success is achieved only through consistent efforts. This is the case of Greensprings School, as it celebrates 34 years of providing impactful education in Nigeria and Africa. As the first Thinking School in Nigeria, Greensprings has solidified its position as the thought leader in providing a well-rounded education and developing growth mindset in students.

According to Mrs Lai Koiki, the Executive Director of the school, “we are proud of our achievements over the years; we are building a legacy in the education section that will redefine Africa’s education system.” She added that “by being the first Thinking School in Nigeria, we are committed to preparing children who will lead change in the world through analytical thinking.”


Greensprings celebrated many achievements last year, and one of the achievements includes the opening of the third campus in Ikoyi in September. The new campus, which is located at 12a Reeve Road, Ikoyi, caters for preschoolers and elementary children between the ages of 2 and 10. The opening of the campus was a strategic move to cater for the demand for quality education by residents of Ikoyi and its environs.

In the words of Mrs Lai Koiki, “The establishment of the Ikoyi Campus will bring us one step closer towards achieving our vision of leading holistic, inclusive, innovative, world-class education in Africa.”

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Another major achievement of the school last year was the opening of Anthos House, a unique school for children with special needs. The school was staffed with experienced teachers and adequately equipped with all the facilities needed to provide the learning support for children with special needs. We are quite grateful for the tremendous progress made within a few months of operation.

Besides opening a new campus and a special school, another major achievement for Greensprings School last year is the fact that the school’s students won special recognition awards in the IGCSE examination. Six students from the school emerged Top in Nigeria for various subjects.

Beyond achievements, Greensprings School also gave back to the community last year. The Greensprings Kanu Football Camp 2018 ended with an award of scholarship given to Abbey Fawaz of Jubilee Model School, Surulere, having emerged the most promising football talent in the competition.

Abbey Fawaz is now on a full scholarship in Greensprings School, and it is definitely a dream come true for the upcoming football star.

On the day of celebrating the 34-year anniversary of the school, which was on January 21, 2019, the Executive Director of Greensprings School, Mrs Lai Koiki, was asked about the plan for the school in the next 10 years. She replied that “There is talk about setting up a university; it is a dream, and our dreams do come true.”

Greensprings School was established in 1985, and ever since it has been delivering world-class and life-transforming educational services to children right from preschool to secondary school and unto IB Diploma.