What Polytechnics Staff must know about CONTISS 15

By Dayo Adesulu

CONSOLIDATED Tertiary Institutions Salary Structure (CONTISS) 15 migration scheme was developed in 2009 by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE). However, many Staff in the polytechnic do not understand in details what it entails and how to benefit from it.

As the acronyms imply, CONTISS 15 migration refers to the movement of staff from one salary grade level to the next salary grade level provided they meet all necessary requirements. Some of the mandatory requirements include that staff must have been employed before August 2009 since the CONTISS 15 was developed in 2009 by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).


Besides, a staff who will benefit from the the migration scheme must have spent a minimum of two years on a post before the year of migration. Moreover, such staff of the polytechnics must have possess the required  academic, professional or both qualifications.

Therefore, Staff that are qualified to be migrated are those in the service of the polytechnic as at August 1, 2009(meaning as at July31,2009) Also, such Staff must have spent minimum of two years on their present designation (i.e. whose last promotion was in 2014).

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For Lagos State Polytechnic, the documents used in the implementation are 2013 Scheme of Service as used by other polytechnics in Nigeria, NBTE traditional modalities and individual staff member personal file.

You will recall that some days ago, some Staff of LASPOTECH  who had problem of understanding the workability of the CONTISS 15, went rioting, intimidating and attacking the institution’s principal officers.

The source of the disagreement in the implementation as reported by many media last week was the  continuation of faulty implementation of CONTISS 15 migration which is at variance with the NBTE transitional modalities.

According to the Public Relations Officer of LASPOTECH, Mr Lanre Kuye,  Lagos State Government had made his position known on What Polytechnics Staff must know about CONTISS 15.

CONTISS 15 migration when it approved the implementation July 2018. He said the Lagos State Government also approved that  ‘’ CONTISS 15 Migration should be implemented by the Polytechnic in accordance with the NBTE guidelines.’’

Kuye explained that the State Government in an act of magnanimity overlooked all payments made to Staff involved in the migration scheme before the approved implementation date, adding, ‘’All the affected staff must be duly communicated by the Polytechnic Management.

Meanwhile, Kuye said: ‘’Steps taking by the polytechnic management include: ‘’Series of meetings between the staff, management and Governing Council to explain the position of CONTISS 15.

Migration. Besides, letters were written to every member of staff involved in   CONTISS 15 migration by the registry and implementation of CONTISS 15 migration in accordance  with the NBTE guideline and as directed by the Lagos State Government.