Why you should make life happen and not just let it happen to you

There are many people sitting around waiting for life to happen to them. No plans, no visions and no goals for themselves. Their lives become a series of random events which leaves them confused and lost.

But our lives aren’t meant to be that way. We are meant to be happening to life. We’re meant to be decisive about what we want and go ahead with achieving them. Happening to life instead of just letting it just happen to you puts you in control.

You’re able to recognize and take advantage of your opportunities to reach your goals easily. You become a creator, who focuses on creating things of value which has a capacity to add value to human lives.

No one wakes up and suddenly becomes a politician, footballer, doctor, artist, writer, musician or any other value adding professional. They all made a conscious choice first in their minds, had a vision of where they wanted to be and this vision guided every action they took.

Life isn’t designed to favor the accidental. Life favors the intentional. Life is willing to work with those ready to add value to it. I mean look around you. Everything around you.. The air you breathe, the birds, the sky, the trees, the fruits, water, and etcetera has been provided by nature or life.

Life is productive and directional. It has defined patterns and steps to that productivity. A seed doesn’t just start growing in any direction. There’s one direction for it which is upwards. It’s only a seed that grows upwards and out of the ground which is able to become a productive tree.

The products of nature simply shows that nature itself is very productive and that’s why it favors those who are also productive.

Don’t waste your time waiting for things to happen to you by accident. Intentions, visions, plans and action steps are indispensable to the achievement of anything.

Let not your days simply run by. Use your time judiciously to make purposeful plans in the field of whatever you really want to do. Your plans could change sometimes because situations and events beyond your control might influence it.

However, that shouldn’t keep you always having a well thought out intention and plan.

Be the young guy or young girl happening to life. Be the husband or wife happening to life. Be that individual who is intentional about what he or she wants.

Don’t be that non directional person who is just merely existing. Don’t be that person who doesn’t know what he/she wants to do with his/her life. You will only be wasting your time here on earth.

Happen to life by being intentional. It pays.



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