We got a report not quit long on how an allegedly mad woman enters the school premises and as a result disorganized one of the students lecture halls.
The mad woman whom was seen in a video shared in one of the whatsapp groups was with a bag (load). Many students reacted to this on the social media as conclusion was drawn to the school’s insecurity.
The question which had still been unanswered is; How did she come into the school premise even with her load while we have security men checking for school ID cards before entry?
By the way; while typing in anger/concerned about the aforementioned incident, another Business Administration student typed this in the group;
“one of the factors that discourage someone from coming to this school is “LACK OF INSECURITY” – we just hope this is as a result of phone text auto-correct as usual.
We also hope we don’t get another curse from another ACTIVISTS, but what can we do. It’s our work – Amebo.
See video below

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