Advice to all Freshers.

Securing admission is not an easy task in Nigeria.
A big congratulations to those who finally got admitted into OGUN STATE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, IGBESA, OGITECH.
After the UTME, WAEC, and screening hurdles, you scaled through unscathed. Congrats!

Now, Life in the tertiary institution is different, the freedom is almost unlimited.
My advice for you is, “make the most of freedom”
don’t take your formative years for granted. try and excel in every course you sit for. Excel in everything you do.

I know some of you were given courses you never applied for, and you may be angry and unwilling to give your best to study your new undesired course, my advice for you is “what is worth doing, is worth doing well”. put your head down, and Top your new department whether you like the course or not.

Some of you secured admission to study in the polytechnic, you may be sad and angry about it, you prefer to school in a university instead. But since you can’t do anything about it, you’re now grudgingly going to the polytechnic. My advice for you is, try as much as you can to excel beyond imagination while you’re schooling in the polytechnic. For what is worth your time, should be worth your commitment.

Some of us weren’t that intellectually sound in secondary school, we’re scared that we may not make good feel so, provided you Passed your UTME, WAEC and screening , then you’re as good as every other person. Greatness exists in everyone.

some of us learnt these things the hard way, I wouldn’t want any one of you to go through it the hard way, so pick a thing or two from this advice, begin your Journey with good first semester grades.

We should learn to choose our friends, not everyone you meet during screening, campus or in the cafe or in the hostel should be your friend. you do not even need so much friends in first year. just keep your circle small.

I do not want you to make the same mistake, So Get to school prepared!

_Comr. Ojo Ezekiel Owolabi (pka) Omoba.