“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”
I am COMR. OJO EZEKIEL OWOLABI (P.K.A.) OMOBA student of Marketing Department.
I feel deeply obliged having the opportunity to welcome the fresher’s.

You guys are starting a journey that we just have completed

But life …

Life is an endless journey

It has no end , but milestones

Definitely yes milestones

And completing your graduation from this Institution will certainly be a memorable milestone .

These two years are going to be the deciding years of your life giving us an opportunity to become someone we never were..for perhaps we can never be..but at least we can try to.

We are in this institution primarily to study and it forms the base of whatever we do So explore yourself, extend your limits, challenge your capabilities, take part in many activities as you can, express yourself, spread the wings of your freedom. But in this endeavor,be responsible do not loose your track, remain the kind of person your true friends wish you to be.

So fasten up your shoe laces and buckle up your belts for the journey ahead , because the best part of your life is waiting for you .

I must introduce you to our Department.

Our Department is one of the best in this faculty.

The motto of our Department is “Towards customers satisfaction”.

No matter how tiny are the sparks of victory but VIITians know how to fan those sparks to flames .

So feel proud to be part of this great Department.

And also departmental dress code;
Monday and Tuesday: Corporate Dress,
Wednesday; Departmental vest.

And talking of studies, Lecturers here are eager to give the best they can.

I would like to quote Abott Lawrence here

“There is a lot of knowledge in institutions because fresher’s bring a little in and seniors don’t take much away “

So knowledge sort of accumulates.

The department is offering all it has , but it depends on how much you can take of it .

I would now like to make you aware of the three most basic rules,

1 . Do it today or it could be late tomorrow.

2 .Certain things nearly happen and uncertain things are certain to happen, expect the unexpected.

3 . Mingle up with your seniors or you will feel homesick.

Make sure you follow all these rules and you will certainly have a great time here.

On this note,
You cannot base your life and success off of what someone else is posting on their social media or what you see them doing in their own life. Stop comparing your chapter 4 to someone else’s chapter 15. Everyone has their own pace in life and you need to understand and appreciate your journey. Just because you aren’t where you want to be at the moment, doesn’t mean you won’t get there at all. Trust the process and be patient. Your hardships will ultimately make you appreciate your accomplishments more.
We also have to STOP putting a timeline on our life. You have a full life to live and putting a time constraint on certain things only makes life more stressful. Success doesn’t have a deadline.

So on behalf NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MARKETING STUDENTS would like to welcome you to our great Department.

I hope you have the time of your life.

I wish you happy two deciding years of your life, wishing you luck with your dreams, work hard and live your dreams!!! Have fun.