Thankfully the campus’ most recognized Award event in the school was held yesterday 3rd August, 2019 and many students including alumni were recognized not leaving the school staff behind. To our surprise entrepreneurs in the school were also given a sense of belonging as KAREEM monsurat motunrayo popularly known as Melo Melo who hawks sausages (Gala), sachet water and drinks around the campus right from her ND1 days was honoured by Team OGA (the compilation of Ogitech Awards Organizers from 2015-2019).

Monsurat with the recognition award
Credit: Great Lyncon Photography

While presenting the Award of Recognition, Comr. Arogunjo Emmanuel (Founder of the Event) enjoins students to encourage Entrepreneuship and Hardwork.

Attached to the Awards, he also Presented 40,000 cash to her as contributed for her by few Past Students.

While speaking to Melo Melo; she said she received a call from Airma the morning of the event to be in attendance. Without knowledge of what was going on. She was caught with surprise when her name was mentioned to come to the stage, she couldn’t hold back her tears when a monetary award was also presented.

Monsurat with the Team OGA
Credit: Great Lyncon Photography

She prays that God continue to bless all who were part of the project as it came at a time it was needed the most.

She also encourages student to be positive in all they do.

Its recorded that the hall stood up with lot of applause as her name was called upon