DSA officer threatened me; Aluta Doctor

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As submitted by Adebola Adedeji, popularly known as Alutadoctor

Greatest Nigerian Students!!!
Ever dynamic Nigerian Student!!!

I, Comr. Rf Naossite Adebola Adedeji, a.k.a Aluta Doctor want to bring to the notice of all the students of our great citadel of learning about the threats laid to me by MR. ADEDAPO ADEDOTUN ( the Students’ Affairs officer of OGITECH).

Martin Luther King Jr said and I quote: “Every injustice to fundamental human rights should be eradicated through proper justice and struggle.”

With regards to the injustice that is about to be played by the students’ Affairs Directorate, our question is; Are we running a Students Union Government or student management government?

The Students’ Affairs Directorate is trying to make decisions for all students in their favor. It is not too good that an officer in the office of the DSA threatened me with my studentship and result, all because we seek justice without violence.

How can the Students’ Affairs Directorate, turn a meeting called with less than 24hrs notice with the intending SUG honourables to a visitation to the DSS when it was known that a considerable number of them are not around in Igbesa. This is not only bad but seen as a recipe for injustice at the long run. The type of which was meted to me during the Union Election.

I have also been accused of “bringing the name of the Institute to disrepute by my statement and actions in and outside the school”.
Nothing can be father than the truth. Or when does seeking justice without violence but robust intellectual engagement amount to bringing the name of my institution to disrepute?
Let me say without been immodest that I am a proud student of OGITECH and I shall raise the flag high any day any time.
Even my Agenda during my campaign sojourn speaks volume. “OGITECH AGENDA” is what we canvassed all through.

My plea on behalf of the student is that Engr. Doctor Mrs. olufunke akinkurolere, our Rector and mother should prevail on the Directorate of Students’ Affairs to let the student chose their leaders freely without any involvement. All we seek is a level playing ground for leadership development which should also be a part of our intellectual and educational development.

I without doubt believe in the leadership of our RECTOR that she doesn’t tolerate injustice.

John Mason said and I quote: “a great leadership is by laying down a legacy others will follow. By this note I want to drop my 🖊

I remain my humble self Comr. Adebola Adedeji aka Aluta Doctor.

God bless Ogitech!!!
God bless Ogun State!!!
God bless Nigeria!!!

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