OGITECH All white party, back and better

In celebration of ND 2 and HND 2 graduates, OGITECH All white Party has come to stay.

The event, which also recognizes Outstanding persons with an award was once organized in OGITECH but didn’t take place after, due to reasons unknown to us.

When asked about what the event is about and what students should look out for, one of the organizers said:

Its A party organized by some leaders in school presently to all HND2 and ND2 for after their second semester exam and there will also be an outstanding person award . OPA.
This is not the first time of this in OGITECH
We are about to bring it back to stay. Bcuz it’s full of fun

However, there had been a recent publicity of the event coming up anytime soon, though the date and venue isn’t know yet – but it seems it’s gonna be lit 💥💣 with the rate of publicity online. WATCH OUT!