OGITECH Rectors cup starts with novelty match by comrades

The kick off for this year’s Rector’s cup seem to take a new dimension as OGITECH Sport Director, Oguntade Tiwatope narrates the activities that will take place before and during the match.

When asked by OGITECH Amebo on the expectations for the competition Tiwa said; The match is starting on Monday 4th of June. An opening novelty match will be played to kick start the whole competition by the school comrades where they will be grouped into two.

It was reported that, comrades in the school will not be left out as the likes of Comr. Arogunjo Emmanuel (SRC Chairman) Owolabi Bankole (aka. Owoh Banky), Comr. Akinnubi Muiz and many others will be playing against each other in form of Sciences vs Management.

Comrades that falls under science vs comrades that falls under management will play against each other, its tagged Science vs Management Where u get to see the likes of Comrade Arogunjo kick a ball, Comrade Ref. Naossite Akinnubi Muiz kick a ball also. And after that the competition proper begins said Tiwa

However the opening match will be played between Electrical department vs Accountancy department by 10a.m. See fixtures