SEX SEDUCTION (18+) . Episode 2

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One summery Saturday morning, soon after Diane had turned nine, I noticed it was quite warm when I woke up, and I knew that I would have to turn on the air conditioner soon.
When I went into Diane’s room to check on her, I saw that she was just lying there on top of her bed dressed in her light weight baby-doll pajamas. As I looked at her, I noticed that she looked just like a real beautiful doll laying there with her long brown hair flowing about her head.
As I knelt down next to her bed, I saw her turn her head towards me and smile as I heard her say, “Good morning daddy.”
I reached my head over and gave her a little kiss on her forehead and replied, “How’s my little angel this morning?”
That’s when I heard her giggle as she replied “Oh no I’m not. I’m your little devil, remember?”
I remembered the mess she made the night before in the kitchen, so I gave her a poke in her tummy, and said, “Well, you look like my little angel this morning.”
I then gave her a couple of tickles as I heard her giggle and wiggle around on top of the bed trying to defend her small body from me, but then, I noticed that her flashing eyes seemed to be pleading for even more attention.
My guess was that I had been keeping a distance between Diane and myself because of my lack of s-x, and since she was a girl, I really hadn’t been as intimate with her as much as I should have since my separation.
I really didn’t want to do anything inappropriate to my daughter, but for some reason, at this moment, she seemed to draw me to her just like a magnet, and I let my guard down enough so that I could be just a little friendlier, and actually play with her.
During our playing, I noticed that her top had ridden up to reveal that her bottoms had slipped down enough on her so that she had a fairly bare midriff. Then, as I looked down at her very young feminine body, I said, “Ah ha! I see a bellybutton that I can kiss.”
Of course, that brought on a whole new bunch of squeals and laughter from her, and before I knew it, I had my wet lips down against her bellybutton blowing air out of my mouth in order to make that real funny farting noise that made her shriek and giggle.
When I lifted my head back up, I saw that her eyes were flashing even more as I heard her gigglingly say, “Do that again.”
As I looked at her, I noticed that her eyes looked like they were dancing while she was giggling. So I could not resist that look that she had, and put my head back down as I again heard her shriek and giggle while I did that to her again.
As I lifted my head again, she whispered, “Now kiss me right here”
At this point, I felt that I just couldn’t deny her because her skin felt so soft, so smooth and tight, so I put my head back down and gave her more little kisses all around her bellybutton while I heard her say, “Oooo daddy, that feels real funny… Oh, don’t stop.”
As I kissed, I noticed that she had lifted her top way up and said, “Now go up higher.” So I kept on kissing her skin while my mouth traveled gradually on up, and eventually I found that I was kissing her all around her still very flat nonexistent b—–s.
As I noticed that she still didn’t have anything there yet, I went ahead and kissed her tiny boyish n—–s anyway as I heard her shriek and giggle at what I was doing for a moment before I then heard her say, “Now go back down lower daddy.”
By this time, I knew that my d–k had gotten quite hard from what I was doing, and, as I felt myself now really enjoying the eroticness of this most intimate kissing that I was doing to her, I knew from her reactions she was really enjoying it also. So I started kissing on down lower and lower until I found myself back down kissing all around her bellybutton again.
But as I was kissing, I noticed that she had pulled her bottoms down a bit as I heard her say, “Now go lower daddy.”
I know that I really shouldn’t have, but just the very thought of what I was about to do made something inside of me snap as I felt my whole body now actually start to tremble.
Because of the wild sexual inner feelings that I was now getting, I very gladly obeyed her bidding – knowing all too well just what might be happening in the next little while. But, at this point, I could no longer stop myself.
So I slowly kept kissing on down lower and lower on her abdomen while I noticed that she kept on pushing her bottoms down further and further in order to keep them out of the way of my mouth until I suddenly had the feeling that my mouth was actually starting to go uphill again.
It was then that I realized that my mouth was now kissing the very front of her p—y. But as I heard her still giggling, I
realized that she was still really enjoying what I was doing to her because I still hadn’t heard a word from her nor had she even tried to stop me.
At that moment, I felt a mental haze go all through me while I felt myself go right into a sexual trance realizing just where my mouth now was.
But as I heard her still giggling, I moved my mouth on down now in very small increments while feeling my lips still going uphill until I realized that they were now at the very top of her m—d. That was when I heard her say, “Ooooooh
daddy, Oooooooo yes, kiss me all around right there.”
Because of what she had just said, and where I knew my lips were on her body, I found myself now so sexually excited that I actually creamed my pants – I just couldn’t help it. The whole thing seemed so sexually e—-c to me that I just lost it right then and there. But then, that still didn’t stop me from doing what I was now doing to my daughter though.
I knew that my lips were now in that very forbidden territory where they should never have gone in the first place, but then I knew from what she had said, she really wanted me to continue kissing her there as I felt her now really enjoying all of the wild sexual feelings that my lips were probably making her have.
As she still had her legs closed, I continued to kiss all around all over the front of her m—d, even trying to kiss the very beginnings of her slit as I found myself now so sexually excited from what I was doing that I realized that I just could no longer deny her – or was it me deny myself?
As I momentarily looked back up at her. I saw that she had her arms thrown up over her head, and was watching me with a biggest grin on her face that I had ever seen and that’s when I also saw her very puffy bald p—y staring at me right in the face with her pajama bottoms pulled well.

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