Event: Face of GLP 2021

Great Lyncon Photography has unleashed the much anticipated event on campus – Face of GLP 2021.

Beauty pageants such as this one is one of the much-anticipated events in Nigeria Campuses to encourage Nigeria students to become more in touch with the social life and culture in campus. Face of GLP, The pageant is not your conventional beauty pageant; rather, it emphasizes grace, self-assurance, confidence, originality, intelligence, and talent.

Face of GLP provides an opportunity for the youths of different tribes and gender to come together, provides a platform for young ladies to showcase their beauty. This type of program profoundly encourages the social life of OGITECH students, youths in Igbesa, and in Nigeria.

Aside the social recognition, the event is set to recognize participants with cash prizes and sponsorship

Face of GLP flier

Registration for the amazing opportunity is jus Two thousand Naira, #2,000. To register, CLICK HERE