100 mining companies from 20 nations to attend 2018 Mining Week

By Gabriel Ewepu

AS Nigeria prepares for the 2018 Mining Week, Miners Association of Nigeria (MAN), disclosed that about 100 mining companies from 20 countries are expected to attend on October 16, 2018.

MAN President, Sani Shehu, stated this at a media briefing ahead of the event, while explaining expected impact of the 3rd Nigeria Mining Week on the mining sector.

Shehu said the Mining Week will create a “Networking opportunity for serious investors, mining operators, finance houses and multilateral investors as well as technology solution providers, all actors of the industry will be able to find their professional soul mate at the event.”

According to him, the event will enable small mining companies to grow and expand through mentorship series, including matchmaking.

He further stated that highlights of the event will include critical assessment of the mining industry in Nigeria on progress made, updates, challenges, and alignment with global ecosystem, dialogue between government and private sector players, assessing the government policies so far and how there have impacted the Nigerian miners and mining industry in general, adding that it will also showcase mining destinations in Nigeria.

He said: “The Nigerian mining industry has witnessed great development within the last two years with improved funding of the sector to implement the roadmap for mining development. The ministry continues to tackle critical challenges such as exploration, policing of the Nigeria mining fields to checkmate illegal mining and support the artisanal and small scale mining to encourage legal mining practices.

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“This has generated interest from foreign and indigenous investors in Nigeria. The Miners Association of Nigeria (MAN), will continue to support the government in its quest to create enabling environment for the growth of this promising industry.”

“I would like to announce to you the start of the 3rd Nigeria Mining Week, an event dedicated to a mining discourse, interaction, networking, and a solution provider for the development of the Nigerian mining industry. We are expecting 100 mining and exploration companies from 20 countries with 900 attendees.

“Local and international stakeholders associate with the Nigerian Mining Week as the vehicle for driving the industry forward and ensuring that the transformation of the industry continues.”

Source: https://www.vanguardngr.com/2018/10/100-mining-companies-from-20-nations-to-attend-2018-mining-week/