Farmers will be Nigeria’s future billionaires, says Coscharis

Mr Cosmas Maduka, Chief Executive Officer, Coscharis Group of Companies, has said that people who were investing in farming now would be the billionaires in Nigeria in the near future.

Mr Cosmas Maduka

Maduka, who said when he visited newsmen on Tuesday in Lagos, said it would be so because an average Nigeria family still gave birth to at least three kids and this had made the country’s population to continue to soar.

The business mogul said that considering the World Bank demography which indicated that Nigeria would be the third largest population with over 450 million people in 2050, noted that proffering a solution to what the increasing population would eat could not be over-emphasised.

“My projection is that people who have gone into farming today would be the billionaires of tomorrow in Nigeria because an average Nigerian family still delivers at least three children.

“You need to eat food before you talk about wearing clothes because even a mad man doesn’t go hungry. No matter his level of madness, he eats food whether from the garbage bin or wherever.

“So, how do we have this large population and no one is thinking about how to feed them,” he said.

Maduka said that due to the World Bank projection, Coscharis Group ventured into agriculture and had invested over N2.5 billion to cultivate over 3,000 hectares of land for rice production in Anambra.

“We have made an enormous investment in agriculture in Anambra State and the Vice-President, Yemi Osinbajo, the Minister of Agriculture and the Governor of Central Bank, have all been there,” he said.