NASTES president clears #700,000 embezzlement allegation says its a misunderstanding

On 21st of May, 2018 [OGITECH Amebo] published a press release which was sent by an anonymous reader pointing at how the president of the National Association of Science Laboratory Technicology Students(NASTES); Olatunde Y. Muhammed was alleged of embezzling some funds belonging to the association – Read post here.

This caused a lot of controversies among concerned OGITECH Students and requested that the president come clarify himself.

However, Muhammed on Wednesday 25 May, 2018 sent another press release to OGITECH Amebo email address to clear himself stating that the allegation was based on some misunderstanding and as a result carried other Executives along. Read below:



“Prior to the allegation been levied against me OLATUNDE Y. MOHAMMED the NASTES PRESIDENT of embezzling a sum of #700,000 been posted on social media at the early hour of Tuesday 22 may 2018.”

“I thereby debunk the allegation as false, untrue, unfounded, malicious and a pure fallacy. The allegation is as a result of misunderstanding and misconception within the association.”

“Also in the meeting been held today in which the two media agencies were present, the treasurer read out the income and the expenses made so far since the inception of this adminstration.”

“However, I enjoyed the general populace that all what is been Posted should be disregarded and nullified, it’s a result of pure propaganda.”

“I will also admonish our media agencies to kindly base there allegation or accusation on fact and story needs to be verified.”

“Thank You”



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