And of the greatest Nigeria students……
Bhagaved Gita said and I quote.
As we believe,so we are,all actions that we take in life,except for instinctive acts,are based on certain conscious and unconscious beliefs and presuppositions. Con

sequently, it is important that we understand the relationship between our action and our belief.
All adoration and appreciation goes to Almighty God on my new appointment as the *Executive Secretary campus affairs* of our noble continental
student body west Africa polytechnic student union ( WAPSU).
With great humility, I extend the best regards to the west Africa polytechnic student union (WAPSU), the body that is saddle with the

responsibility to overseer the affairs of all polytechnics in West Africa also WAPSU is to serve as the commanding height of all polytechnic students movement in west Africa region, both ECOWAS registered and unregistered members state I.e Benin republic, Burkina-faso, cape Verde, cote D’ivoire, the Gambia, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra-lone and Togo among others.

As a continental student/youth organization and as a progressive minded ambassador of WAPSU, I see my appointment as an opportunity to serve and defend the interest of WAPSU, as we are faced with numerous challenges with Nigeria government poor funding Of education and polytechnic dichotomy which has been a major task on our dear and noble association WAPSU.

Once again I say thank you for this wonderful privilege to serve and for believing in me.

Viva Aluta……viva Asceta….. E. Soweto….E.Africa….
Long live African
Long live west Africa
Long live Nigeria
Long live Ogun state
Long live Ogitech
Long live WAPSU.

Com.Amb ogundele Samson.s
P.k.a one day

where ever you are, be a good one!!!


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