Lyrics: omolola – oore

Lyrics Of Oore by
Dr Ridwanullahi Badrudeen Ayinla
(Omo Olola)

Oore ti o bamikale (2ce)
Lati owuro ayemi
Titi di ojo alemi
Allah ni ko se fun mi

Verse one:
Oore ni mofe olorun (2ce)
Ayo ni mofe(2ce)
Se yen ladura gbogbo wa
Bo se si ri opportunity
Ti allah fi e se konge oore
Oremi ko ma dupe
Eniti o ti ni, Ama nisi
Awa ta oni gan ani
Olorun iwo lo n pin re
Oore kabiti kabiti
Oore gben gben gben gben
Dakun pin ire temi funmi

Chorus: Oore ti o bamikale (2ce)
Lati owuro ayemi
Titi di ojo alemi
Allah ni ko se fun mi

Verse two:
Iyonu olorun lagba oore
Allah yonu simi
Bimo se wa oore
Olorun jo jekin pade anu re
Mafi mi si bi kan
Pelu adanwo
Gbemi pade awon alunumi
Tori ka rale, ko le oore ni
Agbega lenu ise oore ni
Gbogbo ohun ti olorun se fun wa
Ti inu wa dun
Eyin ni won pe ni oore
Oore ti olorun se funmi
Dakun je o bami kale o
Ti olorun ba se oore
Oti se ni yen
Eda to se oore fun ni
Ko lo mura
Ko lo jun fun adura pelu suru
Ogun laye, awemi ogun laye
A oni bogun lo
Pelu ase olorun oba
Esa ma sami


Oore ti o bamikale (2ce)
Lati owuro ayemi
Titi di ojo alemi
Allah ni ko se fun mi

Verse three

Alaseyori leda beere
Leda beere ninu aye
Fi ise mi yin mi omo olola
Kaye ma tara mi so oro si oluwa
Atele owo eni ki tan ni je
Atele ila ola lo bawa
Ko seni ti ole fi owo ko oro jo
Ni idi ise mi ti ori dami si
Eleda je kin le fowomi ko oro jo
Kin ma se ise fun oni se


Oore ti o bamikale (2ce)
Lati owuro ayemi
Titi di ojo alemi
Allah ni ko se fun mi

Ti mo ba lo, ti mo ba nbo
Omo olola ma pipe

Olorun je se konge ire

Losan loru ridiwanu
Ni mo be olorun oba wa

Hook :Olorun je se konge ire

Ko sanu mi, kin banu pade
Ridiwanu olola

Hook :Olorun je se konge ire

Bi mo se wa oore olorun
Je pade anu re

Hook :Olorun je se konge ire

Bi ojumo ba mo
Ma ba eleda soro ko je kin rowo no
Ohun egbe mi se ni irorun
Maje kin fi inira se
Gbogbo ohun ti mo fi alafia ko jo
Ma je kin gbe ta ni gbanjo
Ati emi ati eyin ololufe mi
Ebami se amin
Amin ooo

Hook :Olorun je se konge oore

Ire ariwa pelu ti gusu
Olorun je o to mi lowo

Hook :Olorun je se konge ire

Agbega lenu ise mi
Ridiwanu be olorun oba

Hook :Olorun je se konge ire

Eni ti o sanu mi
tete ran simi olorun

Hook :Olorun je se konge ire

Ridiwanu alayinla
Mo be olorun oba

Hook :Olorun je se konge ire

Amin!! Amin!!

Hook :Olorun je se konge ire

Ati gbogbo ololufe wa
Ti o ba wa ra awa orin wa

Hook :Olorun je se konge ire

Music:Rveedot ft darquest – Skimpete level

Rveedot keeps showing he is a born talent, full of vibes, lyrics and melody. Rveedot surprise his fans on his birthday, dropping a dance song which he teams up with an indegenious rapper dar quest oh bloody on this one “skimpete level” this new song is the complete version of the freestyle he post on his instargam and whatsapp page. Happy Birthday Rvee

Listen, Enjoy and share

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The name rvee dot signed a new rapper to the skimpete entertainment team

The announcement of skimpete entertaiment team latest signings is expected to bolster the team in its music dominance in Ogitech.

Another lyrically versed artist maoxiliano aka responsible oko mama e has been signed into the skimpete entertainment team….team S.E.T …. He is a mass communication student ND 1….he mix his rap with Yoruba and English.

S.E.T Boss RVEE DOT  made this known last week , via a series of whatsapp posts.

“Meet and welcome the super talented rapper to the SKIMPETE ENTERTAINING TEAM. #S.E.T Activated.”

S.E.T has a history of signing and ‘graduating’ artists with talent. Watch out for this dope rapper… Oshatiri skimpete


Music: Bocadreay – Special Someone

FBN is here with yet another hit – Special Someone by Bocadreay.
FBN finest Bocadreay have decided to blow the mind of his fans with this expression of love as produced by SB & Mixed by Dawie, while he works on his next project. This is definitely a tune that y’all will love to put on repeat& is definitely gonna be a wave.


So sit back,hit the download button, take a listen, drop you views via the comment box and share. God bless you all

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