Hacked school website retrieved

Just yesterday 27th May, 2020 it was reported that the school website www.ogitech.edu.ng was hacked by one acclaimed “Dayounghaxor” which caused panic and fear among students via the social media as some made mockery of the school’s website security system.

The School’s ICT department were definately not going to let this last long hence made everything possible to retrieve the website. We are glad to inform you that the school website is back.

Though there’s yet to be any information as regards who hacked the system or the hacker being caught. But by our personal speculation (subject to review); the hacker seem to have done this on other websites going by his profile on Facebook – Ola Ayibami (Dayounghaxor).

Different reasons for the malicious practice had been expressed by intellects on the media a user with the name Oluwatosin Oladipo on a WhatsApp group; OGITECH CHAT ROOM said;

“A Computer Hacker Can Be Traced
When a Trojan or a virus hits a PC, we get to know about its presence from the malfunctioning of the machine. But knowing just that is not sufficient. We need to know how it got there and most importantly who put it there. By finding the attacker in the same way that a victim is discovered, one can have a broader view of the picture and establish the steps that are required to be taken against an attacker.”

“By keeping patience in hunting clues the most persistent hacker can be found and stopped.”

We are once again certain that the School will find the hacker being a School of Technology driven with sustainability. Stay connected

Beware! School website hacked!!

Information reaching us now as at 7:40pm on Wednesday 27th of may, 2020 confirmed that the school’s official website www.ogitech.edu.ng has been hacked.

First we thought it was an usual students prank as we confirmed this ourself by visiting the website around the same time range but was surprised to see some unusual information on the website homepage. Usually, the website would display some past events and other related announcement, unfortunately we can noe see “Hacked by Dayounghaxor”. “Where’s your fucking security”. “Security is just an illusion”

Hacked Homepage of the website

Even as this seem unusual, students are adviced to be aware and stay vigilant as this might be used to carry out malicious activities. We are certain that this won’t last as the school being a School of Technology driven with sustainability will surely trace the culprit hence showcased as a scape goat.