READ THIS! surprising benefits of cakes, Rex Cakes reveals

When cake is shared at events or even gifted to people, what rings the most in their mind is “Sugar” and how sugar can cause harm to the body neglecting its benefit and benefits of other ingredients in a good cake. Cake making has been basterdized by non professionals making the consumers lack interest.

There are however professionals who had mastered the craft and health benefits of a good cake. Rex Cakes; an amazing catering venture opposite OGITECH revealed to us that cakes are more healthy than people actually think which is why we have researched some notable benefits you may not know about cakes from

1. It helps beat depression and makes you happy

Mood is incredibly important when it comes to your health. Yet, it’s something we neglect. We read so much about what we need to eat, and what we need to do to keep ourselves healthy, but your happiness has a huge impact on your body.

When you are unhappy, you sleep less, you don’t take care of yourself, your energy levels drop, your skin suffers, and you can start to feel unwell. You’re certainly much less likely to exercise when you are unhappy. A soft slice of sponge cake and conversation with a good friend can make you happy. Don’t underestimate the power of a small treat.

2. It gives you energy

Carbohydrate is an excellent source of energy. Yes, overindulge, and you’ll get a horrible slump later on when your blood sugar drops, but for a quick boost, there’s not much better than a small, sugary snack. Sponge cake can literally keep you going and get you through a tough day.

3. It’s a great source of calcium and protein

Eggs are one of the best sources of protein, and butter, milk, and chocolate are all excellent sources of calcium. We hear a lot about how bad sugar is, and how we should cut our fat intake, but don’t forget, some of the ingredients in our favorite treats are essential to a healthy lifestyle. 

4. It can help you lose weight

That’s right! But you do have to eat it in the morning though, not your usual afternoon tea slot. Because a study a few years ago showed eating a dessert as part of a balanced 600-calorie breakfast helped dieters lose weight, with a lower chance of piling the pounds back on than those who were not having a sneaky breakfast pudding. It’s all about metabolism early in the day being more active than later.

More health benefits of eating cake everyday:

  1. It’s yummy!
  2. You can be at your good time while having a slice of sponge cake!
  3. Delicious cake can always makes you feel good!
  4. You are happier after eating sponge cake!
  5. No worries!
  6. Forget your diet, be happy with cakes!

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