OGITECH SU Election gets hotter as First ever presidential debate is to hold

The heat of election in OGITECH is always felt when it is near. It is no longer news that plans are going on to elect new executives for the Student Union Government; Flyers are flying, broadcast messages are buzzing, declarations here and there – this year’s election is in no doubt a very laudable one as the seat of presidency is being dragged by 3 astonishing candidates. To further make it remarkable, The Torch Magazine in conjunction with Campus blogs and TVs is organizing a presidential debate between the trio – first of its kind!

The debate is said to hold on Wednesday, 24th August, 2022 at the official facebook page of the union by 5pm. Emmanuel Oluwatomisin Afolabi (EOA), a renowned reporter and blogger for runaround news will be the keynote speaker.

Comrade Adedotun Abudullai of (Avalanche Of Immaculate Vision), Comarde Micheal Soaga of (Egbè Èlèýìn), and Comrade Ezekiel Ojo of (Revitalization) are the candidates campaigning massively on the media since the announcement of sales of form by the Students union Electoral Commission (SUECO). Comrade Adedotun popularly known as Rveedot served as the Social Director 2 of the union while Comrade Micheal and Comrade Ezekiel (Omoba) served as Presidents of their respective departments. It is therefore true to say these are experienced candidates for the position but only one winner can emerge