OGITITES, Alumni clamor for ease on collection of Transcripts

On completion of National Diploma (ND) and/or Higher National Diploma (HND) in OGITECH, there seem to be loopholes as to how transcripts can be collected by students especially to those applying for it on later days. The transcript in most cases, authenticates the genuineness of every graduated students of the Institution and is also requested for in different places; place of work, educational institutions and many others.

Currently, the Institution allows for payment via the school’s portal but require that candidates should appear in person for other running around and collection of the hard copy of the certificate. The case of transcript collection is however different as it takes more than the expected period of time before it is sent to the destination requesting for it.

Replying to the message of the official whatsapp number of OGITECH Public Relation Officer (Ogitech Info), Mr Ademide said; “Please help ease the process of transcripts collection. An online application, payment and collection should be possible. Ogitech can do better.” He also emphasized that other schools (University of Nigeria, University of Lagos among others) already made good use of the technology age by making the process of payment and collection of transcripts possible online in less than five (5) minutes. Odeh Joy, a well respected alumni also adds that “There is indeed an online payment process on each student portal, at least i was able to do payment online. But you see the application and collection is key, I have applied and paid since March this year for both ND & HND till now i am yet to get it..”

Considering the schedule of many graduate and location of residence, there’s need for easing the stress in collection of transcripts, to even state that the school’s motto is; “Technology driven with sustainability” – indeed, OGITECH CAN DO BETTER!