OGITECH Awards 2022: Voting poll open

Finally, voting poll for the Ogitech Awards, 2022 has been released. Following a broadcast message by the committee on the 17th August, 2022 which reads:

“Hello Ogitite we are please to announce that voting has officially began at 12:00pm
How to vote; click on the link ,then click HERE to register after registration then login with your registered email and password then vote your favorite nominees and submit”

Voting link 👇


The poll includes list of over 30 categories nominated for since July 18th, 2022. This years’ award event seem to be a competitive one seeing the list of nominees for each category.

Among other categories, Ogitech Amebo had been nominated under BEST STUDENTS MEDIA which we hope to win if voted for. To vote;
1. register on Ogitech Awards website HERE
2. scroll down to the category “BEST STUDENTS MEDIA”
4. Submit