What comes to mind to see students parade in their numbers to exhibit trading activities in the school, where its labelled ‘serious academic business’ or has the school turned into a market place? Certainly rare, as students of Ogun State Institute of Technology, Igbesa were recently seen to organise it second trade fair, where students entrepreneurs’ and  the business-oriented stormed the school Multipurpose Hall to showcase their wares, products and services.

Ogun State Institute of Technology, Igbesa best described as a symbolic citadel whose graduates are the nations pride with it unwavering academic calendar is beginning to prioritize entrepreneurial skills.

The most sought after institution in South West, Ogun, OGITECH in one of it compulsory courses endorsed ‘Entrepreneurship’ with a leaving certificate, spurred students to showcase their wares with discount prices towards providing a legal source of livelihood for students amidst financial instability.

OGITECH trade fair 1.0 was first organized in 2019 by a team of four, led by Festus (P.K.A Maphex). Then joined forces with Ogitech Students Entrepreneurship club, and Omoba, Chairman OGITECH Students Entrepreneurship club, so as to give students who are entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase and sell their wares in the school premises.

And since the first one was a success, the organizing team then decided to give the second one a shot, and it was a massive hit.

Since education is not just about the academic part of it, learning to run a business and money handling practices should also be learnt.

It is essential that students should learn a skill, or a trade. While getting their academic certificates, student should also be skilled in one thing or the other.

It is advised that students should become entrepreneurs, as this could serve as a covering for them when they graduate from the school and in the rainy days.

          In the old times, people usually look down on whoever is learning an entrepreneurship skill or trade; they are often considered as illiterates.

But no more! The time we are in is now different than it used to be, and every youth out there is encouraged to learn a skill.

Meanwhile, skills are not meant for illiterates, as a matter of fact, it is become that of the genius elites.

There are several benefits of learning a skill, or running a trade (entrepreneurship) even while in school, but I would list just five. Which are:

  • Entrepreneurship provides  job opportunities
  • Entrepreneurship contribute to the world progress and help better the nation’s economy
  • Entrepreneurship helps to boost one’s confidence
  • Entrepreneurship creates a better work-life balance
  • Entrepreneurship gives room for networking and teamwork.

As the nation’s economy seems not to be favourable to everyone, rather than waiting for an 8-5 job to put food on your table, which may not even be enough, having a skill which could serve as a side hustle is a very great advantage.

          Just as it would be foolish to build in the rain, so also would it be unreasonable to want to wait till you graduate from school before you learn a skill or become an entrepreneur.

It is essential that students should get involved and engaged with the entrepreneurship club, since by registration, they have countless benefits to enjoy, such as: learning their preferred skills, teaching it to others and making an income out of it.

The best time of a man’s life is his youthful period, and that is now. After school, the world out there is a really busy one, and you would barely have any time to learn a thing for yourself.

So, my dear reader and friend, if I were you, I would take hold of this opportunity that life has freely presented before me, and learn a skill.

It’s dangerous to wait for the battle before you train. Learn a skill, learn a trade, become an entrepreneur, and make yourself and the nation proud.

You are the nation’s pride and hope for tomorrow, do not let us down.

With love,

Esther Olawale.

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