OGITECH students Entrepreneurship Club set to storm campus with students’ involvement

OGITECH Students’ Entrepreneurship Club is set to return and expects student’s involvement as it used to be. The club which started the habit of promoting Entrepreneurs and “providing opportunities for all” OGITITES since their first pre-lunch on 16th January, 2017 had almost gone into extinction in the early months of 2019 – Turns out it wasn’t fully registered in the school.

However, A letter was broadcasted by Comr. Omoba (A marketing department student and former President of the department) on the 2nd June, 2022 affirming that the Club is now registered with the School this was after the club’s awareness publication on their facebook page and their Proposal for establishment submitted on 25th January, 2022. The letter which was signed by the Ag. Dean of Students’ Affairs Mr. Aluko O.S reads;

“… Kindly be informed that the Management has graciously approved your request to establish OGITECH Entrepreneurship Club (OGSEC).”

“In view of the above you are to present the under listed documents to the Students Affairs office; …”

When asked by our correspondence on what the club plans to do afterwards, Omoba made it known that the club has lots of productive plans for entrepreneurs and students at large if only they will get involved. No doubt, the club had always been beneficial considering the fact that the Rector; Engr. Dr. Olufunke Akinkurolere strongly supports their activities either by taking pictures or even patronizing the student entrepreneurs. You will also recall that the club members under a known students whatsapp group (OGITECH CHAT ROOM – OCR) deemed it fit to sensitize students on why they should get involved in entrepreneurship

Entreperneurship Award given to Monsurat – OGA’19
Credit: Great Lyncon Photography


We hope that the club is back and better as it has always been by providing what it stands for..