Apreciation And Goodwill Message From The Office OF The SUG PRESIDENT ELECT, OGITECH

Apreciation And Goodwill Message

Indeed, the tides and waves of a journey is what make the destination a celebrated harvest.


First of all, It is with utmost gratitude and great sense of responsibility that I commence in the name of Almighty God, the Alpha and Omega, the Exalted and Magnificent, the Omniscient and Omnipotent, the Great Grand Architect of the Universe, the Master of Destiny, the One who created the sky without any pillar, I extolled His glory for giving me the opportunity to be elected as the President, Students Union Government of our prestigious institution – Ogun State Institute Of Technology (OGITECH), Igbesa.


My profound gratitude also goes to my brother who without equivocation has been my pillar and backbone since inception, although I didn’t grow up to the warmth of a father but I doubt if he (my Dad) was alive, he could do half of what Comr, Ayinde Sobuur Olohuntoyeen has done for me.


Comr, Ayinde Sobuur is an SUG president who didn’t emerge, without mincing words, I climbed his ladder to attain this position and I won’t forget that. I know this victory cost you a lot, I pray and hope that I can repay you 100 folds someday. Your leadership potential and thought provoking actions motivated me to run for this office despite myriads reason why I shouldn’t. He is my father and without reservation, my MVP. If there is something I secretly cherish about him, it’s his courage and I have been longing for a day and opportunity to write an epistle about him to personally thank him.

Dear brother, I dedicate this victory to you, thanks for believing and giving me the push that I can as well do it. I LOVE YOU.


In the same vein, I want to equally appreciate and express my profound gratitude to REFORMATION FORUM, the forum of intellectual gladiators which is being erroneously tagged as touts and trouble makers, for providing the platform for the actualization of this dream and for providing moral and financial support towards this victory. It could have been have been a mirage.


In line with this, let me sharply use this opportunity to salute the wisdom of all and sundry who in one way or the other contributes till I attained this magnificent success. I would like to register a special gratitude to my campaign team for their hard working and strong determination. A special appreciation also goes to my friends, students, colleagues and my senior comrades in struggle for their unquantifiable contribution, indefatigable support, constant advice, tenacity, persistence, consistence and sincere prayers during the course of my campaign. Your names are too numerous to mention within the scope of time and space thus I prefer to mention you in the tablet of my heart.

A vote of thanks also goes to the Electoral body for conducting free and fair election in the interest of all *OGITITES* as well as the the Students Affairs Division.

The greatest journeys in life begin with the smallest steps and these smallest steps start with a dream, a dream for prosperous future, a dream for an outstanding purpose, a dream for excellence and above all a dream for a better *SUG* and a brighter tomorrow. I promise, myself and other EXCOS will not fail you as you have bestowed your trust on us by electing us.

In view of the above said, I wish to sincerely appreciate all students who stood with me during the campaign pro bono, students who cast their votes and defended it, and students who believed in our vision. I pray when you need one man/woman thousands upon thousands will stand for you all.


Long Live Ogun State!

Long Live Ogitech!!

Long Live Students Union Government!!!


Aluta Continue, Victoria Acerta.


With Love And Gratitude


*Comr. Ayinde Saheed Olaitan,*

  1. *SUG President Elect, (OGITECH) Igbesa*.

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